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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Confusing Target Trip...and end of July spending

confusing, but it worked out in the end.  First off, I needed to return 2 toys I bought.  One was a toy I bought a month ago when toy clearance started, in case they sold out before 75% hit, but I found it at 75%, so the 30% toy got returned.  Also, I apparently thought one of the toys was really cool because I mistakenly bought it at two different stores, but I only needed one...back it went!  I received $15.26 back on a gift card, so I went back to look at this store's toy clearance ;-)

I found a Didj game for 7.48, used a $7 mq on it!  No other good toy clearance left, so we went about our regularly planned items...picked up some black and red Bic pens for 0.99 each, used the $1tq on each to get those free.  Got 13 cans of various Chef Boyardee, used $1.50/4 mq and some tqs to get those free plus some overage!  Got 2# black grapes 0.99/lb.  Got 4 pkgs of Gold & Plump drumsticks for 2.24 each, used 4 $2mqs to pay 0.24 each.  And, found a cute Merona handbag, a black and white and cream diamond pattern for 6.26, used the $3 Merona bag tq!  Here's where the confusion sets in...the cashier mistakenly entered the didj mq and the chef boyardee mq as merchandise instead of coupons.  Garrett was fussing so I paid $20, then realized that couldn't possible be right!  I looked at my receipt, then went back and asked her about it.  She directed me to guest services, where the cashier and I figured out what happened.  She refunded me $17(for the overcharge and for the missed coupons), so my total oop for all that was $3.93!!!  What a nice run!  We got home and ate ravioli and grapes!

End of the month report:
ugh!  I spent alot!  Thanks to Target's toy clearance, I am up to $340 for the month, with savings of over $2000.  This includes all groceries, drugstore, pet food, and birthday/christmas gifts for the boys for 2 years, so I really can't complain!  Yes, I spent $140 on toys at Target this week...I went to 5 locations...I am surprised at myself...I just griped earlier in the week about people going nuts with this toy clearance!  Eh, well, I did not leave any store with multiple carts full of toys, but I have heard of many people doing this!  I wonder if it's as bad that I went to multiple stores as it is that people bought 3 or 4 carts full at one, probably not...I bet some of the people that bought multiple carts full went to multiple stores and did the same thing each location?!  Maybe I'm just kidding myself, lol!

Nevertheless, I am finished shopping for some interest in next week's Target ad, next CVS as, next Homeland ad...guess I'll find stuff to do at home!

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