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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Day 18

Vince had leftover wafflesm sausage & bacon; boys & I had milk
PB&Js, leftover pasta salad & cucumber/tomato salad
lasagna and garlic rolls(Rhodes)
The lasagna was something I pulled from the freezer.  I made it originally a month or two ago, with wheat pasta, homemade sauce with greens from my garden, sausage and ground beef, and homemade ricotta.  I always make 2(or 3) pans at a time, and freeze one.  This time, I left one in the oven to stay warm for the hubby, but he was at work far later than anticipated...I took the baby with me to bed, and the lasagna stayed in the oven about 2 hours too long.  It was dry, crispy, but I couldn't bear to toss it!  Today, I poured more sauce in the baking dish, set in the lasagna(still partially frozen), added more sauce on top and more ricotta, and baked for about an was perfect!!!  So, burnt, dry lasagna CAN be salvaged!  I'd say it was better than usual...twice-baked lasagna.

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