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Friday, July 16, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Day 27

wow, one day to go!  I am definitely staying under $100 for the entire 4 week period!  Per the Challenge Guidelines, I was alotted $100 per week..this is fantastic!

Did a little shopping today...I'll be gone for a week on vacation, so trying to get all my errands caught up!
Brita filter 3pk 14.99, used $2 IP
Zegerid 9.99, used $4mq
double edge razor blades for dh 5.49
used $13 in ecb, pd 14.07 with a gc, received 3 for zegerid & 5 for brita;  zegerid has a tmf rebate, so I have 9.99 coming back
trans 2:
3 12pk DrP 11.00
Borden milk 2.99
zegerid 9.99, used $4mq
Biotrue 2.99, used $2IP
pd with 10ecb & 12.43 on a gc, received e for DrP, 2.99 for Biotrue, 1 for milk, & 1 for green bag tag;  another zegerid rebate for 9.99

Ran to Homeland:
basket of 2.2# nectarines 2.50
Grandes tortilla chips 2.00, used $1mq(thx, Michelle!)
used the 2.36 Hl Q from their website, pd 0.24!!

Went to Walmart to get Garrett's WIC juice before we leave on vacation.  Wandered over to their clearance tent on the South side of the store...found Vince some DrScholls dress shoes for $15 and a Spiderman costume for Garrett for $5...they had lots of clothes, crafts, shoes, and sporting goods on clearance.

I received a mystery shop job yesterday for Braums, so I took the boys there for lunch.  It only took about 30 minutes to complete my report, and I made a little money, plus free lunch!  I spent oop $13.93.  I will be reimbursed $9 + my food cost of $8.04(they don't offer to pay for your additional items).

total for today, for purposes of the Grocery Challenge:
0.24+13.93-17.04=profit if 2.87!

yogurt, cereal, fruit
I made Vince a sack lunch;  boys and I had Braums
leftover pigs in a blanket, mac&chz, and a cucumber/tomato/squash salad...thx to a pal, Karen, for the homegrown squash & tomatoes...we traded earlier in the day for those veggies!

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