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Friday, July 30, 2010

Haven't been grocery shopping lately....

I don't need groceries, so I haven't been to the grocery store....thinking of going tomorrow...I have 1 more coupon for Grandes tortilla chips I should go redeem, but I dislike the idea of going to the store for 1 item, especially when it will be free after coupon, haha!

I spent much of today wading through Target's toy clearance.  I picked up a few great deals to put up for the boys' future birthday and Christmas gifts...I am pretty sure Garrett is set for the next couple years!  Of course, we don't like to give them a ton of presents at once...they are spoiled as it is from relatives...we try to stick to 2 or 3 gifts from us for Christmas, and only 1 at birthdays.  Anyway, lots of great deals to be had right now in the toy aisle!

Totally Target has the preview for the 8/1 Target ad...I don't see anything great in it, so I'm not posting the ad...

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