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Monday, July 5, 2010

Target trip 7/5/10

My coupon-pal(hi, Michelle!) and I set forth into Target today to do a little was alot of fun.  For the purposes of the Grocery Challenge, my oop was 0.00!!  I used a gift card to pay, so I guess my oop was 0 anyhow, but since we were going in on the deals together, gets confusing!  Here's what we got, some is mine, some is hers:

watermelon 1.50(great price!!!)
30 ears of corn 10/$1(great price!!!)
Pampers wipes
1 Scrubbing Bubbles toilet brush starter kit
4 Scrubbing Bubbles toilet brush refills
4 Scrubbing Bubbles toilet get
6 SB power sprayers
4 Vanish toilet discs
6 Shout
1 Tide Stain Release
2 Elmo books(clearance 1.98 each)
Iron Man2 MrPotato Head(clearance 9.08)
10 bx Kelloggs Fiber Plus cereal
10 bx Kelloggs Spec K cereal
7 Ziploc steamer bags

after a massive amount of coupons, the total was $9.02+tax, I pd $16.35 with a gift card.  Since Target receipts are crazy and don't list every coupon, I did the math at home to double check everything.  I have checked several times, and I am coming up at $5.02 before tax, not 9.02, so somehow I lost out on $4...oh, well...guess I'll chalk it up to a loss.  I don't think I'll take my receipt with a $200 savings back up to Target and demand $4 back!  I am happy to have gotten in on these deals, used up all my coupons I needed to get rid of before they expire...all is well!

The Target toy clearance is sitting at 30% on most items, and 50% on a few...I think I'll go take a look in another month and see if further markdowns have taken place.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Girl!!!
Had so much fun today! Love that kind of shopping. Unbelievable savings!! Thanks for helping me get the deal!