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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CVS deals week of 7/18-7/24

Well, we will be on vacation the week of 7/18, but the CVS ad looks decent, so I guess I'll be making a quick run there before we head out!  I don't have scenarios worked out yet, but here's a preview of some good buys:

m&m pretzels 2/$1, buy 2 get 1 ecb
Cadbury chocolate bars buy 2 at 1.99, get 1 free...I mention it because I know I got a Q for this from the CRT machine last week
Maxwell House coffee, can order $1mqs from a clipping site, use 2 mqs, should be around $3 for 2 canisters of coffee
A&W 7up 12 pks, buy 3/$11, get 3 ecb..this is regional and may be different in your area...last time I saw this deal, my area had DrPepper instead of A&W
Spend $12 get 4 ecb on Nestle, Edy's, Haagan Daz items $3 each
Brita 3pk water filters 14.99, get 5ecb(of cours I bought some when they were 17.99 awhile back...this is a GREAT price!)
Dial bodywash ecb
Veet/Clearasil ecb
Revlon ecb
Loreal ecb
Schick or Quattro women ecb
vitamin bogo sales
4 different acid reflux meds ecb deals
Celsius green tea beverage 4pk 7.99, get 7.99 ecb, regional $2 Q
CVS brand diapers, wipes, cotton swabs bogo50%
Huggies 8.99, get 3 ecb, limit 1

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