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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CVS Plans for this weekend

I need to burn some ecb this weekend to get some better expiration dates since I will be skipping a week of shopping to go on vacation soon!  This week's ad looks better than next week, so I'll try to get a few things Friday or Saturday.
Here's my scenario:
Charmin 5.49, use $1 from mailer, get 1 ecb
Duracell 2.99, use 0.75 from 7/4 P&G, get 1 ecb
2 Purex 6.49 bogo
2 CVS brand pain relief 5.99 bogo
2 CVS brand batteries 6.49 bogo
13 school folders $1.30
Tylenol Precise 5.99, get 2 ecb(going to check for a tearpad coupon found at some CVS stores for this item)
4 Milky Way 0.50 each, use 4 0.50 crt Qs
2 CVS brand pantiliners 0.50 each, get 1 ecb
2 milk 2.99 each, get 2 ecb
I will use a 5/30 cvs Q & several ecb($8, $10, $10, $1.98, $4, $1)
pay tax only, receive $7 in new ecb

I kind of feel like I'm wasting ecb, but I have at least $20 left so it's not a big deal.

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