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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Review of the 2010 AllYou Grocery Challenge

I was reviewing all my receipts for the Grocery Challenge, and I found some my favor!  For my sake and sanity, I'm going to review my 4 week challenge right now(since the baby is napping!).
All totals are after use of coupons, sales, expected rebates, shopping with/for friends, reimbursement for mystery shop assignment, and gift cards redeemed.  These totals also refect buying ahead gift certificates for an upcoming vacation, buying gift certificates for gifts for friends, a couple small outings with the family, and a belated birthday lunch for my son and his friend.  My plan for the Challenge was to use my stockpile(which is not diminished much in any way) and to just maintain/increase the stockpile when good sales/coupons became available.  I try to keep my eyes open for great stocking-up opportunities, because it pays off in the long run!

Week 1:  -0.36
Week 2:  39.58
Week 3:  -0.01
Week 4:  11.12
Total for 4 weeks:  50.33

What food items did I buy and keep for my stockpile?
8 cans v8
9 Blue Bunny bars or popsicles
DelMonte fruit chillers
cabbage 3.88#
tomatoes  1.22#
green onion
3 gallon milk
quart milk
minced garlic
Red Baron pizza
apple juice
4 Smuckers sugar free grape jelly
2 Rice milk cartons
4 jars various spices
4 bx cookie mix
4 pudding mix
7 Smuckers ice cream toppings
several bottles of sobe(many were for friends, lost track of the numbers)
Starbucks latte
5# potatoes
5 salad dressings
2 tubes wasabi
jar sesame seeds
4 ElMonterey Tornadoes
4 Better Oats oatmeal
8 Tonys pizza
4 ketchup
8 Borden slices
4 sour cream
4 bbq sauce
4 best life margarine
2 reeses pb cups
8 $25 gift certificates through
2 $50 gift certificates through
12 pk MtDew
3 12pk DrPepper
2 Powerbars
750 ml Vanilla Vodka
1L silver rum
2 6pk Boost nutritional shakes
4 Mentos
2 TicTacs
imitation crabmeat
6 skinny cow single cups
3 pkgs beef cube steak
3 bottles canola oil
10 ears sweet corn
12+ fiber plus cereal(some went to friends, lost track)
20+ special k cereal(some went to friends, lost track)
4 meals at Incredible Pizza
3 bx Crystal Light
bananas 4#
Jennie-O ground turkey
breakfast at McD's
2 bx Fruity Pebbles
1 bx Honey Bunches of Oats
3 candy bars
lunch at Arby's, twice
snack at Target cafe for myself and the kids
smoothie at Target cafe for myself
4 pkgs hamburger buns
2 pkgs Sargento cheddar slices
4 pkgs Fish Fry mix
2 Yoplait smoothies
1 pkg beechnut toddler snacks
6 Fiber Plus bars
3 bags Grandes tortilla chips
beef for stew
yellow onions, 3.34#
nectarines, 4.4#
lunch and ice cream with the boys at Braums
beef for fajitas
frozen yogurt shop, the whole family

Why am I telling you all this in such great detail?  Well, I found out I am a finalist in the Grocery Challenge!!!  So, I had to organize my receipts to mail them in for verification.  I can't believe it...I could possibly win $1000!  That $1000 would last 12-24 months for our family, and would ensure that we don't struggle while my husband and I are going back to college in 3 weeks!  I can't wait to see what the other 9 finalists have been able to do during the Challenge!

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