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Thursday, July 29, 2010

spending for July 2010

Wow...a little surprised, I actually spent nearly $200 this month on grocery and household items.  However, included in that figure is a $75 backpack from Staples...I will receive a $75 Staples gift card back on that, so I'm not too worried.  I also picked up lots of socks and shirts for all the boys, enough that some are stashed in the tops of their closets for later use!  The Target in BA had mens 3pk dress socks for $3, so I got Vince 5 pks of those!  Also included is Trenton's main Christmas gift:  2 Nintendo DS games I got at Target on clearance for $15 each...Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, both the Decepticon and Autobot versions...ooh! 
What am I complaining about anyway?  $200, for grocery, toiletries, pet food, school supplies...for a family of four...that's great!  Just not what I'm used to! 
I saved almost $2000 this month with coupons, store coupons, gift cards, and sales...nice!
Sadly, my $200 spending for the month does not include our week in Dallas...we spent way to much, in my opinion, but it's already paid for, so I won't harp on it!  Next vacation, though, I am enforcing my rules on dining out...hubby will not be allowed to order the most expensive meal on the menu, and no desserts, even if there is homemade key lime pie!  We'll stick to the plan I set forth, take cereal bars and fruit for breakfast like we did this time, but lunch and dinner will be more budgeted!  Okay, enough!

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