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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Make Your Own........Orange Julius!

My husband loves Orange Julius, but we rarely go to the mall, plus I can't stand paying $3-$4 for these...we concocted a similar drink at home(while I was pregnant with Garrett, because I craved oranges 24-7).

1/2 can frozen OJ concentrate
1 c milk
1 T vanilla

blend, enjoy!

The measurements are estimates...I rarely actually measure anything when I cook.
You can toy around with different juices...coconut, pineapple, whatever!

Make Your Own..........Healthy Smoothie!

We all want to eat better, right?  And who doesn't love the smoothies at Jamba Juice or Smoothie King?  Well, I don't like the prices, so I make this great smoothie at home.  Even my 12 yr old will drink this, despite the fact that it has fresh spinach in it!

Green Smoothie
3 c fresh spinach
1 c strawberries, I like frzn, but fresh is fine
1 banana
1 c orange juice
water if needed, but usually don't

Put it all in a blender until smooth, enjoy!

I would recommend adding some ground flax to increase your Omega intake, and if you are trying to repace a meal you could add a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder.

Make Your Own........Granola!

This is a microwave recipe.  Sometimes it turns out a little soft even after I let it dry/cool much of the day.  If that does happen, I place it in the oven on 200 for a little while.  I do not dare make this completely in the oven because I'll burn it, but feel free to try it if you want!  You can swap dried cranberries for the raisins, use whatever nuts you wish, or leave any of the add-ons, including wheat germ & fax...the choice is yours!  My husband and son will eat this with milk as cereal, but I eat it with my homemade yogurt.

2 c quick oats
2/3 c nuts, chopped
1/3 c wheat germ
1/3 c ground flax
1/4 c brown sugar
1/4 c honey
1 t vanilla
1/3 c raisins
1/3 c coconut
1/4 c oil

Heat oats in baking dish 3-5 minutes.
Add the other ingredients, except for raisins or other fruit.
Heat on high 3-5 minutes, stirring once or twice.
Add raisins.
Cool on cookie sheets.  This can take won't hurt it to sit out all day.  Stir or crumble throughout the cooling process.
Store in airtight container.

Target clearance

Lots of stuff 75% off...spent $33, here it is:

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Make Your Own...........Baby Wipes!

We cloth diaper at home, and it makes more sense to me to use cloth wipes with cloth diapers.  There are many different recipes for wipes solution, involving tea tree or calendula, but I make a very simple blend that works for us.  I boil water, then let it cool. 
Mix 1 cup cooled water
1 tsp baby oil
1 tsp baby wash or shampoo.

I make double this amount and fill a spray bottle, then I just spray onto cloths as needed.  I use soft washcloths, or cut squares from old flannel or fleece blankets or scraps...fleece seems to work the best.  Some moms will use an empty wipes tub, cut a roll of thick paper towels in half, remove the cardboard roll, then pour the solution over the towels.  That seems like a good method if you use disposable diapers and want to save on wipes.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am a slacker when it comes to blog posts, I guess.  Lots of reasons:  Holidays, cooking, kids home on vacation, baby teething...but really, I am being lazy!  I may continue slacking in deal posting, as I am so tired after shopping, cleaning, preparing meals, and keeping Garrett entertained...the last thing I think about is bragging about my good finds!  So, sorry, if you are relying on me for good deals.
Alot of times, the deals I see are posted on plenty of other blogs so I don't feel I need to do it also!

What I will attempt to do in January is to post some recipes, homemade goodness & inexpensive!  That is another great way to save money!  You can search my recent posts for recipes for homemade yogurt & cheesecake, and peanut butter fudge.  I'll get some more things going soon!

Another reason my deal posting may stay slow is that I need to work down some of my stockpile.  This doesn't mean I won't buy some basics that are free or cheap, but that I won't run out as easily to shop for groceries!  I do plan to get to Target soon to use the produce & ham coupons they have available on their website, and I think I'll keep my eyes peeled for some good prices on beef & chicken, but my cabinets & freezers are full...I am so blessed!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Paper Dolls

Thanks to Graphics Fairy, you can print some cute paper dolls, even Holiday ones here...a great last-minute stocking stuffer if you have a little girl!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Make Your Own.............Truffles!

These were so easy!  I actually took this recipe, split the can of sweetened condensed milk into 2 parts, and used 2 different 10 oz bags to make 2 different types of truffle...1 one mint chocolate coated with cocoa, the other white chocolate coated with coconut, which I dyed red & green..pretty!

3 cups (18 oz.) semi-sweet chocolate chips or whatever flavor you like
1 (14 oz.) can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 tablespoon vanilla extract or whatever flavor you like

Finely chopped toasted nuts, flaked coconut, chocolate sprinkles, colored sprinkles, unsweetened cocoa, powdered sugar or colored sugars

MELT chocolate chips with sweetened condensed milk in large saucepan over low heat. Remove from heat; stir in vanilla.

POUR into medium bowl. Cover and chill 2 to 3 hours or until firm.

SHAPE into 1-inch balls; roll in desired coating and/or decorate with frosting and candies. Chill 1 hour or until firm.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Easy, Delicious(Microwave) Peanut Butter Fudge

This is way too easy and tasty to not make...make 2 batches, because you'll want to keep one and share the other!

2/3 c butter
2/3 c peanut butter
6 c powdered sugar
1/3 c milk
1 T vanilla

Place butter & pb in a microwave safe bowl.  Heat on high 2 min or until butter melts;  stir well.
Add the remaining ingredients;  stir until smooth.
Microwave on high about 1.5 minutes until smooth but not bubbly;  stir.  Pour into buttered square baking pan.
Cover & refrigerate at least 1 hour;  Cut into 1 inch squares; store in fridge.

Giveaway: new Sealy Posturepedic!!

What?  Really?  Thanks to Mommy Mandy blog...
Yes, enter this contest to win a Sealy Posturepedic Innerspring signature 11 Series bed, you choose the size!  If you are in a queen currently, you could upgrade to a King if you win!  You can go to the Sealy website to read more about this new mattress series.

The contest ends January 20, so go now and enter for your chance to win..good luck!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It Takes so Little to Make them Happy

That was the final line in an email from a new pal, Bev.

  I 'met' Bev on a local coupon site, 918CouponQueen.  We started chatting because she was looking for coupons to buy some items to donate to local veterans, and although I didn't have the coupons left to share, I did have some items to donate.

Bev has been serving those who proudly served our country.  During the Holiday season, this means collecting gifts for hospitalized veterans to choose to give their loved ones.  These gifts are 'paid in full', a thanks to the veteran...complete with wrapping paper.  The Tulsa World did a recent story on Bev's project which you can read more about here.

But the need is great all year, at every Veterans Hospital around the country.  They are constantly treating new patients, many of whom are admitted without personal items, clothing, or the means to obtain any. 

I asked Bev if she would share some of her recent experiences while volunteering, and if I could share them with others.  I will share a few stories over time, but here is one now, recounting her first visit to Muskogee VA Hospital:

My aunt had donated a robe....not a new one for Dot's Christmas Store, but for the "clothes closet" (for patients who come in with nothing and need things, so they accept used clothes for the clothes closet). It was a nice robe but my aunt didn't wear it much, as she didn't like the way it fit her.
We asked the patients who they wanted a gift for. Most said their wife. We had jewelry and some bath salts, some candles, jewelry boxes and lots of other things to choose from.
When I went to this one man's room he said he wanted a robe. I told him that I didn't have that but offered other ideas......It was like he wasn't going to hear me....He didn't seem to have a hearing problem...just selective hearing. He simply didn't want to hear me say that.

He said, "She is a small woman."...

Me: "I don't have a robe."

He said, "Yes, she needs a nice robe."

Me: "I don't have a robe."....

Him: Can I get it for under $20?

Me: after I explained he had already paid in full "...but I don't have a robe".

He was very sweet and patient just telling me what he wanted, like I wasn't understanding the request.

Finally I gave up and said "I have one but it is used. You don't want a used gift for a Christmas gift, do you?"

He smiled like he knew I had it all along and said, "Yes, that will be fine." I told Brenda that I just hated for him to have something to give that had been worn. She and I looked it over and thought maybe it was actually new because it looked so good. It was pretty and very soft.

I took it to him. He had a big smile when he saw it, took my hand and shut his eyes real tight and was very quiet like he was praying, then he opened them, smiled and said joyfully, "I love you! I love everyone."

He told me he had been a chaplain for 19 years.

This was the first time I had been to the Muskogee VA hospital. I usually put things on the VA van to take down to get there and in the past 2 years I think we only had one other robe.

My aunt had missed the story in the paper and didn't know about our latest project until a couple of days ago. My aunt and uncle came by the house the day before I went and dropped it off with some other gifts.

I had planned to be there early enough to give the items for the "clothes closet" to the Chief of Voluntary services before we got started. I had items to take with me on the dining room table. One of those items was a pack of gum. My darling husband is always picking up and putting everything away behind me. He thought it was something I had left out and had put my gum out of sight, and I left without it. I stopped at the store, which caused me to be too late to see the chief before his meeting; that meant I had to keep the clothes and robe with me until later in the day when the chief was out of his meetings.

I was not too happy with my husband until I realized how even that fit perfectly in with God's timing to answer a prayer.

I think Bev's account goes to show how things do happen for a reason...
Why else would I have had extra lotion coupons to give to anyone who wanted them, and why did Bev join the coupon forum just today, and comment, wanting those coupons?  She didn't have to explain why she wanted them...we would have offered them up...but I am so grateful she spoke up...I feel I have another cause I'd love to be involved in, to share information with others about the great need.  I am fortunate to have learned some awesome couponing skills this year, which allows me to have an abundance of personal care items to share with friends & strangers alike.  I'll admit, I have been blind to the need.  I have taken servicemen & women for granted...crazy since my parents both served in the AirForce during Vietnam.  These men & women have given us so much, and I will make a point to give back from now on.

Please, wherever you are, find even 1 item you can donate this week, or 1 hour you can spend talking & listening to someone who needs a friend.  If you knew it took so little to make someone happy, wouldn't you do it? 

Here is information on donating to the Oklahoma American Veterans, please seek out a center near you!


• socks, both male and female
• shaving items, such as Bic disposable razors
• shampoo (trial sizes)
• toothpaste
• toothbrush
• baby powder (trial size is a good size)
• magazines (specifically those about cars, hunting, fishing, boating, mechanics, computers, etc.)
• no soap--the hospital no longer accepts soap
• Ziplock bags for packaging the items
• gas cards for VA vans to take patients to the hospital
• playing cards
• DVD players (to be checked out for use by patients, while in the hospital)
• nail clippers
• hand and body lotions
• tee shirts (all sizes)
• briefs (underwear both men's and women's--all sizes)
• lip balm
• small tubes of denture adhesive
• hair brushes for men and women
• pocket combs
• emery boards
• puzzle books
The Sunday newspaper usually has coupons in with the ads that
allow us to stretch our money further to buy needed items. We
greatly appreciate them.
Items that aren't necessities, but Vets are so appreciative when receiving them:

•IPODS (younger patients really enjoy being able to use an IPOD during their stay)
•CDs (could "check out" during their stay)
•hand held games (could "check out" during their stay)
•talking boxes
•gift cards
•electric shavers
•wheel chair cups
•lap robes

Target coupons

The coupons on have reset and there are some new ones, too!  The ones I am printing to use  this week are the $1 Revlon beauty tool(stack with Walgreens IVC to get overage on emery boards), and after Christmas I'll use the Target $1 Green Giant produce(cheap broccoli!) and $2 AF ham(ham steaks are about $2, so free/cheap!)

The Target coupons will give you 2 prints per computer profile!

Shopping Break

or Break from Shopping!
I am going on a self-imposed break from shopping for a bit...partly because I am busy getting ready for the Holidays, and partly because there aren't great deals this week so far, and partly because all my cabinets are overflowing!  We could probably live off of our stockpile for several months, save for a coupe of trips for milk or fresh produce.  Lord knows we don't need any toiletries for ages!  I'm not sure how long my shopping ban will last...I have to go to Walgreens by the 30th bevause of expiring register rewards, but other than that, I may just wait until another great deal emerges! 
I've tried doing this before, but then someone has a massive sale and I can't justify missing it! 

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Make Your Own..........Yogurt Cheesecake!

This recipe takes a bit to get prepared, so don't expect to eat this today!  Give yourself 1-2 days before you want to serve it!

First, you need to go here and make yogurt(you can use store bought, but I've only made this using my own). After it chills, you can start! 

Basic Yogurt Cheesecake:
32 ounces plain nonfat yogurt
5 eggs
1 c sugar
1 t vanilla extract
whatever crust you want to use...graham, cookie, whatever...for the cupcake size cheesecakes I use a whole cookie as the crust

Place a cheesecloth or sturdy paper towel in a colander.  Place colander over a bowl to catch the draining iquid.  Pour your 32 oz yogurt onto the cloth.  Drain in fridge for 12-24 hours(mine only took 12 hours).

Prepare your crusts either in muffin tins or pie plate or springform pan.

Mix drained yogurt with sugar, eggs, vanilla.  Pour over crust.

Bake at 325 for about 70 minutes, or until batter looks firm.  Let cool 12-24 hours before serving.  To prevent cracks, do not let it get exposed to's okay to leave the cheesecake in the oven, after you turn the heat off, for a little while before placing in the fridge.

See, wasn't that easy?  And...almost fat free(the eggs, and the crust)

Please excuse my instructions here, as I don't usually measure this...I just eyeball it, and somehow it works!
For mocha cheesecake:
to your mix, add about 1/4 cup baking cocoa and 1-2 T dry instant coffee granules

For pumpkin cheesecake:
to your mix, add canned pumpkin(1 can) and 1 t each clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, or use pumpkin pie spice

For the pretty swirled versions:
Separate about 1/2-1/3 of your plain mix.  To your 1/3 part, add your extras.  Fill your cheescake crust(s) about 1/2-2/3 full with the plain mix, then gently pour or spoon the variation on top.  Use a knife to gently 'cut' or swirl the 2 mixes together.  If you end up with more of the variation than the plain, you could do some the pposite way: variation first, then swirl with plain.
I'd show you a pic of my swirled mocha mini-cheesecakes, but I can't find it...

Make Your Own..........Yogurt!

My MIL is big on making her own dressings, yogurt, everything, which is where I got the idea to try homemade yogurt.  I thought it would be a big ordeal, but I must admit this was easy enough to do while caring for a needy infant, plus I know my yogurt is free of sugar, thickeners, and artificial additives.  Try it!
The equipment: large stock pot, stainless steel bowl that fits inside the pot, candy thermometer, glass jars with lids, heating pad

Fill the stock pot 2/3 with water.  Place the bowl in the pot and fill it with the milk.  The amount & variety are your choice..I do about a half gallon.

Heat until it reaches 180..this will kill any bad bacteria that would otherwise interfere with the yogurt.

Remove from heat and let the milk cool to 115.  When it reaches between 110 and 115, add 2-4T of plain yogurt(no fruit or sweetener, just yogurt).  Stir and let sit about 5 minutes.

Stir again and pour into clean glass jars.  Screw on the lids and place on your heating pad.  Set the heating pad on LOW and cover with the empty stock pot.

Let this sit undisturbed for 4-10 hours.  The longer it sits, the more sour it becomes, so if 4 hours looks good, place your jars in the fridge to cool.  I like 7 hours for a little tartness.  After 10 hours, the quality begins to deteriorate.  Your yogurt will have more liqud than store-bought since it doesn't have can drain this off or stir it in, it does not affect taste!
You can top this with fruit and granola(I have a couple recipes for easy granola that you'll have to check back for), or you can use this as a substitute for oil in baked goods, or you can drain this and use as cream cheese in cheesecake(I will post this recipe soon!).  If you like a little sweetness like my 12 yr old, you could add a little sugar to the bowl as you serve it!

I use part of my cooled yogurt to make starters for my next batch.  Just pour some yogurt into an ice cube tray and freeze.  When frozen, pop into plastic bags.  Next time you want homemade yogurt, thaw out 2 or 3 yogurt cubes to stir in instead of heading to the store for a container.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Walgreens Holiday Dollars & FB F&F discount!!

I had every intention of staying in the house today and do some cleaning, wrap some gifts, lounge!  But, Walgreens decided to raise the stakes!  Not only was today the final day for 'spend $25, get $5 Holiday Dollars', they added a 15% discount for Facebook fans...too good to ignore!
Another couponer turned me on to the John Freida coupons on, and I was out the door without makeup!
I spent $12 oop and got all this:

that is 16 John Freida products, 7 pkgs Hugggies, and umpteen candles

OOP was 12.03, I finished off all my expiring RRs, I got back $14 in RR & still have $10 more in HDRR to use, plus that is $5.25 toward a rebate from Caregiver's Marketplace...looks like a final of $17 profit!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wags week of 12/13

$23.05 oop so far...going in for more!
I have a ton of deals in the works this week, not because they have great deals, but because I have Register Rewards to use up!  Here's what I have from shopping Tuesday & Wednesday:

6 pkgs Huggies
3 6pks Viva paper towels
2 Viactiv
5 Olay Quench lotion
5 Olay body wash
1 Biotene toothpaste
3 Phazyme
10 Thermacare arthritis wraps
1 Fusion Razor
4 bags Ghiradelli Squares!
about 2 dozen votive candles

I received 6 $5 Holiday Dollars Rewards, $3RR for Biotene, $2 RR for Ghiradelli, 6 $2 RR for Huggies, & $4RR for Fusion.  I also have 2 buyers for the Thermacare wraps(sold some on ebay before and both buyers requested more!).  I can submit for $4.50 rebate for the Huggies at Caregivers Marketplace.  I can submit for the Olay Quench lotion rebate to get another $49.95 back!  That is over $80 back, so profit of $60 so far this week!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

still busy

Wanna know something really random?  When I one-handed-typed that title, it initially said 'still busty' lol!

Just quickly saying I am still busy--3 mystery shops last week took alot of time.  I just got one tonight that is due in 2 days..I am inclined to turn it down, but it is an apartment tour and pays $25 for about 60 minutes total of my time!  Can't beat that...$25 will pay for 2 weeks or more of my Walgreens habit!

Monday:  meeting some girls to swap coupons quickly, and 2 shopping trips.  Trying to reach my mystery shop 'target' and completing the shop if possible!
Tuesday: finishing mystery shop if not done onMonday, meeting some mommies for coffee then Target shopping.
Wednesday: Walgreens, guess I better get prepared on Mon/Tues!
who knows what else this week...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Walgreens 12/12

I decided to head back to Wags because of the Holiday Dollars, cheap A&H detergent, and Olay Quench rebate.  I have more Qs coming for the Quench deal so I'll be back at it next week!
Not as much fun without a picture, but here's my list of what I bought today in 6 transactions:

9 Phazyme (-10/3 MQ & 2 IVC)
2 Triaminic (-3MQ & 2MQ & 2 IVC)
8 gift sacks
20 postage stamps
5 Comtrex (-1.50MQ & 3IVC & 2IVC)
4 A&H detergent (-1.00/2 MQ)
2 Stayfree pads (-1MQ)
2 8.4 oz Olay Quench lotion (-3MQ & free MQ)
1 Olay body wash
1 20.2 oz Olay Quench lotion
2 Milky Way (-bogo Q)
3 Revlon Emery Board (-1MQ & 1IVC)
1 bx Baby Mum Mum rice husks (-IVC)

I spent more than usual oop because of the postage.
I used 16 in RR
I spent 8.05 plus tax so 19.24
I have 29 in new RRs plus the Quench lotion will get me 21.97 back in MIR
Looks like $31 profit!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Cookie Exchange

Thanks to Hershey's Kisses, I am 1 of 1000 people chosen to host a Hershey's Kisses sponsored Cookie Exchange Party.  I received a Hershey's Kiss candy jar, a calendar, recipe cards, baking ingredients, and more!  I plan to have a small gathering for a party to create and share some wonderful cookies, but I thought it would be fun to have a virtual Holiday Cookie Exchange.  Who's in?
Join me here and comment with your favorite cookie recipe and a pic.  You could even have your own Exchange and post pics of your party!   Bake some cookies and share with neighbors, or take some to a nearby retirement home.  Or, just make some cookies for your family and share the recipe!  You can do this anytime from now until the end of the month...I encourage you to use some of Hershey's delicious products:  kisses, hugs, baking cocoa, whatever! 

Walgreens & Kmart 12/10/09

Not in the picture: 2 bottles Arm & Hammer detergent
oop 8.54, received & kept $42 in RR
That 8.54 includes tax on 2 bottle A&H detergent, 4 codes, 37 Xmas gift sacks, 2 Triaminic, 1 Baby Xmas Ornament, 5 Neutrogena shave cream, 1 Just For Men haircolor, 2 Chinet plates, 1 Stayfree pads, 9 boxes envelopes...might use one to do another JFM MIR and make my profit better!

I don't particularly care for Kmart, but they had  great toy sale this week!  I got the Musical Sit n Spin 22.99, minus $10 MQ; the Playskool stompers 24.99, minus $10 MQ; the Step Start Walk n Ride, minus $5 MQ;  better still, the toys were buy 2 get 1 free, so I paid $27 including tax for all three toys!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy, Busy!

I am really busy this week!
 I had 53 ebay auctions ending yesterday, and about half sold!  Several buyers are combining so I feel like a warehouse employee pulling orders to ship!
I am trading coupons with 4 people right now, so I've been printing, clipping, sorting...
I am transitioning to a coupon binder so my Qs are a mess(and my binder pages just arrived in the mail, yay!)
I haven't started addressing Christmas cards yet, however I do have pictures ready to send.
I did a mystery shop job on Sunday and completed my report, but I have 2 more assignments to complete by Wednesday.  These 2 involve one to one interaction, and I am super shy so it's hard to get motivated for them.  Nevertheless, I have 1 set up for Wedenesday, and I am placing a all for the other appt. later today.
I haven't started wrapping any gifts for the boys...heck, I haven't finished shopping for them!

I need to get finished with much of this so that I can get to Walgreens and Target before Saturday...

Friday, December 4, 2009

No shopping much of next week!

I am so thrilled that theWalgreens ad for 12/6 doesn't look very appealing...I need a break!  Of course, their 4 day ad looks decent for men's products, and they could possibly put out some good online coupons, but I will probably wait until Wednesday or later to go for envelopes, sugar, Triaminic, A&H detergent, and the Neutrogena mens skin care.  I have a few RR to spend before the 11th so I know I must go at some point, but I won't rush for any of these deals!  Besides, I have 3 job assignments to complete before Wednesday, so I'll be busy!  I guess next week during my Wags break I can also send out Holiday cards...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dream come true or wishful thinking?

well, I guess the pic was "forbidden" maybe was a Walgreens marquee that read 'COUPONS WELCOME'

Someone snapped this at their local is NOT here!  One day... new fav mall store!

Have you signed up for the A-list at Aerie yet?  You can sign up online or in the store, but just sign up!  Every month they offer A-listers a free gift(pick up any Thursday of the month), this month was a free Love & Joy chocolate bar valued at $!
  I went into the store for the first time today, and the staff was incredible!  I had plans to only get my free gift, but the girl that greeted us changed my mind!  They had cute, cute panties in all colors an plaids on sale for 5/$15, plus today only they were offering 30% off plus a free tote bag with any purchase.  The panties were too cute and a great deal!  I split my transaction:  5 panties in each, so I could get 2 free tote bags and paid 22.78 including tax for 10 pr!!!  I am just sad I didn't start going last month when their freebie was a full size bottle of perfume...

Target 12/03

For my Target shopping today, I combined MQs, store Qs, a gift card I redeemed using points on a credit card, and a Mail In Rebate to score big!

Green Works detergent 13.99, used $3 IP
8 cans Steaz tea 1.09 each, used 4 bogo Qs & 4 free Qs
6 bags Dole spinach 1.99 each, used 3 $1/2 IPs & 4 $1 TQs
6 Kashi individual cups cereal 1.00 each, used 3 $3/2 MQs for some overage!
Little Debbie cupcakes 2.50, used free Q from website promo
4 Nestle chips tpc 1.78 each including the mint variety!, used 4 $1 MQs
1 I Cant Believe its Not Butter sticks 1.83, used $1 MQ & 0.75 TQ
12 cans DelMonte veggies tpc 0.66 each, used 3 $1/4 MQs & 2 $1/6 TQs
credit for 4 reusable bags, put 19.48 on gift card, paid 4.93 oop(tax was 4.76 of that!)

There is a Money Back Guarantee on the Green Works detergent that I will send in for, so I will get 13.99 back!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Homeland 12/02

not much for me to buy...stockpile is still bulging!  I did stop into Homeland for a few items today:
raincheck on Kashi crackers 1.66, used $1 Q
coffeemate 2.39, used $1 Q
2 Dole salad mix 1.98 each, used $1/2 Q
2 bx Ronzoni smart taste 1.39 each, used $1/2 Q
2 bx Ronzoni Healthy Harvest 1.39 each, used $1/2 Q
total was $4 & some change, which is alot more than I typically pay, but it's hard to not use those Ronzoni Qs, and $1/bag on salad is great!

my cuties!

Converting to a Binder system for coupons

I give in!  I do very well with my 2 bag system--1 zippered bank bag with Q separated into envelopes according to about 30 categories, and 1 expanding envelope that is split into stores & transactions--but my 12 yr old has seen the "binder-ladies" and has an extra zippered binder that he wrapped up for me for Christmas(at least that's what it looks like!).  I am willing to give it a shot!

I don't like the 9 pocket pages that most couponers use...I use mostly internet printables so I wanted bigger pockets.  I found some 6 pocket pages on ebay..a lot of 100 is about $24 shipped, but I found one seller with 4 sets of 25 listed separately that I got for $16 total shipped(Yes, I am always looking for the best deal!)  I pulled out some tabbed dividers & sheet protectors from the "school supply" stockpile, and made up my dividers to separate into Grocery, kids & pets, Health & Beauty, Household, & Store Qs.  I then made dividers for each category to further specify which Qs were which.  I will insert my Qs in expiration date order in each sub-category.  The sheet protectors, you know the ones you slip a piece of paper into so it doesn't get wrinkled, will be used for me to slip weekly ads into for price matching, and will hold Walgreens monthly coupon booklets...there are 10 sheet protectors in the package so I have plenty of room to keep all the 'extras' organized.  I don't know how everyone else does it, but this made the most sense to me, since that is how I have them already;  I'll simply be transferring to a binder instead of envelopes.  I assume I won't recieve my ebay winnings until next week, so it will be later in the month before I start this, so I'll report back on how it's working!

Oh, I wanted to add a tip on something I just started doing:  if you have glanced at my posts lately you can see I'm a Wag-oholic...those little in-ad coupons are really hard to keep track of!  Also, some of the monthly Qs or seasonal Qs that I use often get shuffled around.  I started using a glue stick to affix the coupons I use alot and the weekly Qs I plan to use onto index cards--much easier to keep track of!  I am always sure to write the dates on the card to I don't keep the weekly in ad Qs longer than their validity!

Walgreens 12/02

Rolling my Register Rewards today...this is what I got:

transaction 1:

kitty litter 5.00, used $3 IP=2.00
Natrol Acai 4.00, used $3 pdf=1.00
Goody hair elastics 2.00
paid with $5 RR=0+tax=0.94, got 4RR & 2RR back
trans 2:
same as 1
paid with $5 RR=0+tax=0.94, got 4RR & 2RR back
trans 3:
Natrol Acai as in 1&2
Goody hair elastic as in 1& 2
Yes to Carrots lip balm 0.99 at beauty counter
3 clearanced knit hats 0.49 each
paid with $5 RR=0.46+tax=1.18, got 4RR & 2RR back

total for 3 transactions= 0.46+tax=3.06, got $18 in RR back, profit of 14.94

Monday, November 30, 2009

challenges & weight loss

I signed up to participate in an 8 wk Body after Baby challenge twice this year.  I did not follow through either time.  Somehow, overlooking the bad food choices and lack of exercise, I managed to lose 10 pounds each time.  I guess I wasn't ready to commityet, but I saw a picture of myself from Thanksgiving, and I'm pretty sure that pic of my holding the baby, yet I still look slightly pregnany---yep, that's gonna get me motivated!  I really just need to workout--be consistent with cardio & strength training--put some other stuff on the back burner...drinking my water instead of juice right now, getting ready to head out in a few to go walking with a friend(of course, we are stopping by Godiva for a free piece of chocolate so it may defeat the purpose,lol).

I found three boxes of clearanced Photostamps codes at Walgreens(there were more last week, but I grabbed the last 3 yesterday); original price 19.99, down to 9.99...still higher than 20 stamps at the post office, but I paid in RR so it didn't matter to me!  Basically, you upload photos and make your stamp on  If you order 2 or more sheets of the same stamp, the price per sheet is discounted.  This is what I did:
stamp A 3 sheets, stamp B 2 sheets
used code cutekid12 for free shipping
used code tenoff for 10% off
ued the 3 codes I bought at Walgreens, which takes of the full 22.00 for each code even though each sheet was less than that since I ordered multiples;
final total $2.02 for 100 stamps!  My husband would insert here that I spent $30 more since I paid with RR, but to get those 4 RRs that I used, I only paid tax on the items; but, yes, somewhere way back in the long history of myWalgreens shopping I spent money somewhere to get my original RRs!

Walgreens 11/29

I had to rush out early in the morning to try and find the toothbrushes & bandaids...without much success.  It really irks me to find out that 1 couponer, who I apparently followed around to 2 stores, bought all the childrens bandaids, and is donating them, not using them...ugh!  I mean, she got them to do 20 or more transactions of 2 kids bandaids=3.00, use WQ=free, earn $1RR...she paid no tax, got all the bandaids and all those RRs...makes me sick!
The plan was 4 zooth or Oral B stages toothbrushes minus 4 $1 MQs & WQ=2.00, get $5 RR; 2 boxes bandaids minus WQ=free, get $1 RR; 2 glade products minus appropriate MQs=1.00, get $1 RR; 8 xmas pencils minus in ad Q=1.00; pay with $4 RR from last week...I was able to do this once, and then a couple more times without the bandaids...won't complain too much, though---ran into a Q trading buddy at one store, then met a new Q friend at another store! 
Looking forward to the sale that starts Dec 2:  Natrol Acai(ah-sigh-ee)...this has properties of healthy fats &'s good for you, go get some, plus with the $3 MQ, you'll pay $1, & get $4RR!
If you wear contacts, solution is free after RR.  There is a Northern tp RR deal also.  And Goody hair accessories are free after RR.  I will be getting the hair elastics and some Acai, and also I ordered MQs for the Ecotrin on sale, and ordered MQs for Toblerone candy(sale 2/3.00 til 12/26, use $1MQ and the IVC in the December book to get these free...I ordered 40 Qs, not that I really need that many, but surely I can use them in a recipe somehow...ummmm, yeah, just Googled Toblerone recipes---I'm good to go!)
The Ecotrin deal is good if you or someone you know is on an aspirin regimen for your dad is and I should start since my dad has a history of heart attacks, my gma has a history of strokes, and my Qs make them free with overage! 

Another great find yesterday:  I did a whole transaction without getting RR back--I know, strange of me to do that, but I really wanted these items:  found 3 boxes Photostamps codes(more on that in later post!) clearanced to 9.99, and yoga pants clearanced to 1.69...woohoo!  You might check out your store...I am trying to find more Photostamp boxes!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Feed it Forward...FREE!!!

Thanks to my Mother-in-Law, who just sent me my first gift certificate!!! has a great promotion they're offering up! It's called Feed It Forward and provides the opportunity to help give away up to $30 million in FREE restaurant gift certificates—over 30 days—and allows you to treat friends, family, and colleagues to savings on a great meal out! The best part-- it’s FREE to Give and FREE to Receive! Yay! To get started, just go here and you'll be able to give a FREE $10 Gift Certificate to 30 different people, everyday until Christmas. Simply choose whom to give to and they take care of the rest!

My Black Friday shopping

I did venture to Walmart, but the one item I wanted was long, just Walgreens for me! Garrett, of course, helped by "holding" my coupons, but Trenton was home from school so I actually did have help today...AND, he bought me lunch after! What a good son!
6 transactions, 5different stores...
oop 11.85(mostly tax!), got back $ 76 in RR

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cookie Exchange Party

I was selected to be a Cookie Exchange Party hostess by Hershey's Kisses...woohoo! After the Thanksgiving/Black Friday madness, I will set a date and gets some folks invited! There were only 1000 people nationwide chosen, but anyone can visit this site for recipes or tips to host your own holiday cookie swap. I am excited...I will receive ingredients, a calendar, cookie boxes, and other goodies! Be watching for photos of my tasty event!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am so done with Walgreens...

until Friday, teehee! I can never quit Walgreen's...they are so my fav right now! They always pay me to shop there...can't beat that! Here's a quick glimpse of my buys the past 2 days:
6.78 oop, received $27 in RR back= profit of 21.22
6.39 oop, received $24 in RR back, plus 15.68 in eligible mail in rebates(the Physician's Formula makeup)= profit of 33.29

That right there, friends, is a view of cheap stocking stuffers! My 12 yr old loves body spray(even though he won't admit he likes girls yet, lol), and giving makeup and lotion to my mom, plus we use the fragrance free lotion for the Little One...definitely stocked up for awhile!

See you at Wags bright and shining Friday!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Walgreens, Target, Homeland 11/22

Well, I messed up on a couple transactions, spending more than I intended...blame it on wiggly baby & expired store signs...not complaining, though, because I bought lots of stuff I needed and pretty sure I still came out on top! I even forgot to use a RR on one transaction...
Sorry, no pics! If you need details on specific deals, just let me know..too tired to deal with it now, seeing as how I have to go reorganize cabinets again!
Walgreens(split into several transactions/stores):
8 Theraflu
15 Lubriderm
35 gift sacks
Ghiradelli bar(for my stocking!)
Ricola(forgot to use 2 coupons!)
4 5.1oz bags Lindt Lindor truffles
6 pkg Vanity Fair plates
oop 20.60, received $ 46 RR(should have been $52, but apparently I used my theraflu RR twice to pay for theraflu, so I didn't get 2 RR...ugh! I have got to start paying more attention, and maybe only 1 transaction at a time!)
some of my Qs gave overage..originally my total was -1.03, and the cashier redid the transaction 3 times until he got me a total, lol
1 bag cranberries
1 Kashi garlic crackers
200 ct coffee filters
2 Kotex liners
1 Dole tropical fruit
1 Coffeemate
oop 0.53!
I redeemed points on my hubby's credit card to get a Target $25 gc this week, and it arrived Saturday, so I used it to pay today, but my total was only $5.52, so I have almost $20 left on the card. I normally wouldn't use Qs to get this many freebies in one trip, but they were well-stocked and I refuse to go to Target during the BF sale, and I had coupons expiring soon!
7 pkg GE reveal light bulbs; on sale $2/pkg, used several MQs & TQs to get my price down to $2 for 7 4pks!
3 Keebler graham cracker crusts tpc 1.52 each, used 3 $1 MQs from Save a lot website= 0.52 each
1 Johnson's buddies soap bar 0.97, used $1MQ any Johnsons product
9 Steaz teas 1.09 each, used 3 bogo Qs from & 6 free MQs =free for all!
total 5.52, used gift card
I hope to found a few more Lubriderm before the week is over...1 mgr ordered some extra for me, but another mgr was supposed to and said it was discontinued & couldn't get any, huh? I opted to not do the Ritz/Wheat Thins deal previously posted since I have gotten so many Kashi crackers at Homeland...see, showing a little restraint!
So, I'll check a couple more stores for Lubriderm while I'm out this week, but not going out of my way to find it..too busy this week! Then Friday, Infusium & deodant extravaganza before the Sunday/Monday mad dash to find items before my coupons expire on 11/!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Why I love Homeland 11/20

$5.22 including tax...that's right! I ventured out of Tulsa to hit the Prattville store since my store is out of stock of everything..much better luck here, plus they let me do multiple transactions! I was denied 2 coupons...they said MQ clearly but since 1 had a Target emblem & 1 had Save a Lot written on it, the mgr said they wouldn't get reimbursed. I think he's wrong, but whatever...void and reshelve the products, then, folks! Anyway, happy with my $5.22 oop!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Walgreens week of 11/22

I think I may be just visiting Walgreens once or twice next week unless they put up some awesome online is what is on my list:
Lindt truffles 5.1oz bag 2/$5, use 0.50 IVC & $1/1 IP
4 Wheat Thins& 1 Ritz 5/$10, use $1/2 from D&Y book, 2 $1/2 IPs here, & $1/1 Ritz=5.00, get $3 RR
I may splurge and get ghiradelli 2/$5, minus the $1 from, if they have the caramel at that price!
Of course, pay with RR, and hope they have Lubriderm back next week!
Do the Nabisco cracker deal twice & submit for Keep the Jingle in Your Holidays Rebate

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homeland 11/18

Thanks to many who shopped this morning I wasn't able to find a few things on my list...oh, well, going back tomorrow!
I got all this for $3.04 including tax...sweet!

Credit Cards

Yuck! After my hubby paid off my massive credit card debt years before we got married, I was determined to not get into that kind of trouble again! We have 3 cards now, 2 of which have a balance. We have 0 % until next year on both, and the cash in the bank to cover the charges. So, the plan was to pay these out for the duration of 0% period...I got notice yesterday that 1 of the companies is not only raising our rate, but also ending our 0% period. Why? Because they can. We have impeccable credit and payment histories, so it isn't something we did wrong. A friend just got notice recently about her rate increase also, so I guess this is what they are doing to alot of people. I can tell you now that I won't be paying 9.99 or 14.99% interest on anything! We will be paying off the balance this month and ending our business with the company! Just whining about it now...I knew we'd eventually pay the card off, just thought it would be another 6 months or so...I feel really poor now :-( I guess I better be even more careful with my spending since this payment will use up a large chunk of our savings.


I need it! I am exhausted today, and I guess the skipping of the coffee this morning was a bad idea! As soon as I get a cup(or three) in me, and maybe have the opportunity to put Garrett in someone else's arms for a few, I'll try to get to my planned shopping this week & next & Black Friday! I am eagerly awaiting a phone call about a special order I requested at Walgreens for Lubriderm, but that should be tomorrow or later, when I am more awake!
Another thing I am working on: recipes! I am getting pretty good at dishes that are simple, tasty, & inexpensive...I'd like to share occasionally..stay tuned for this feature!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reasors 11/17

I had plans to pick up some pork chops 98cents/lb and a little produce, and while at Reasors found a couple great coupons! I picked up for later sales some Kraft marshmallow Qs, some Glad clingwrap Qs, and a few bread Qs! What I came home with was a fairly good deal, too! I normally don't spend over a few bucks when I shop, but when there is a good price on meat, I try to stock up! I got 2 family packs of pork chops, 0.98/lb..I bought 16.5 lbs total, which I divided out into 3 chops/bag to freeze...I got 30 pieces, so 10 bags=10 meals in my house for $16! got 3 FreshPet meals 2.59 each, used 3 free Qs(I don't normally buy this dog food, but it was free & we are out of dog food!) got 3 heads of romaine for 99cents each got 3.2lbs oranges for 1.82 then the best find! I got 2 pkgs of Earthgrains multigrain thin buns for 2.99 each. Each had a Q stickered to it for 55 cents off, plus there was a tearpad on the display or $2 off produce wyb the bread! I am making bbq pork roast this week sometime so we will use the buns for sandwiches! The bread essentially paid for my produce...awesome!
Like I said, I don't normally spend this much in 1 trip, my total was 25.57, but I got enough pork chops for 10 meals! plus ll the other stuff!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Walgreens 11/15

Well, the gillette stuff is NOT rolling, but I hear the Aussie is...wll try later!
I changed my gameplan this morning. I took the bold step of recognizing I have a shopping problem before it was too late! I don't really need the Secret or Old Spice deodorant, especially since it isn't is what I got instead:
3 12pks Pepsi products 11.00, used $1 MQ=10.00, get 2RR
4 12 pks DrPepper/7up products 10.00
1 Gillette shave gel 1.99, used 0.55MQ=1.44, get RR for free product
1 Ricola mixed berry 1.00, used 0.50IVC=0.50, get 1RR
Aussie 3 min miracle! 2.99, used 1.00MQ=1.99, get 2RR
2 SF Theraflu 10.00, used 1.50MQ & 2 $2 IVCs=0.50, get 3RR
paid with 3 $8 RR from Lubriderm/J&J=0.43+tax=3.58 oop, got $8 RR & free shave gel RR

Saturday, November 14, 2009

free earrings

I have posted about Darcus Tori before...still waiting on them to offer garnet in their freebies...maybe in January?! This month's freebie: a free pair of round, diamond cut amethyst earrings on a sterling silver posts! The retail value of these is $59.99, so this is a great deal!
Hmmm...I checked and my link was 2 square cut sapphire...maybe more than 1 available this month? I guess you could add both to your cart, apply the code, and remove any that don't discount!
Here's how you can take advantage of this offer: 1. Click or here and add the earrings to your shopping many pairs as you want! 2. Use the promotion code 0801 3. Click the "ADD" button to activate the code 4. Complete check-out You will pay shipping...for my area it is about $5 per pair...not too shabby!

Walgreens week of 11/15

I am hoping to get to Walgreens early for a couple transactions...shouldn't be a problem since Garrett has decided that 530 a.m. is a nice time to get up! I don't have the whole week planned because I don't know if they will have restocked the Kleenex & Lubriderm from the past week, and I am not sure what to do wih the Gillette/Secret/Old Spice deal will give RR for a free item not for value...hmm... Trans #1 will look like this: 3 12 pks Pepsi products= 11.00, use $1/3 MQ=10.00, get 2RR 4 12 pks 7up products=10.00 Aussie 2.99, use $1MQ=1.99, get 2RR Secret Clinical 7.99, use $2 MQ from Vocalpoint(I have 4 or 5!)=5.99, get RR for free product 1 Ricola mixed berry w/vit C 1.00, use 0.50 WQ=0.50, get 1RR use $10RR, $10RR, $8RR, oop 0.48+tax Trans #2: gillette shave gel 1.99, use 0.55MQ=1.44, get RR for free product ricola 0.50, get 1RR 2 holiday pencils, use in ad Q=0.25 use $2RR from Pepsi in trans 1=0.19+tax then I will use the free product RR from shave gel to get: gillette shave gel 1.99, use RR=free ricola 0.50, get 1RR and this will tell me whether the gillette/secret/old spice RRs are rolling! stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Walgreens/Homeland 11/11

My husband called and woke the baby, so I got to go shopping after all!
At Homeland I paid 0.19! Apparently I got overage on a coupon or 2 because I should have paid a little over a complaining!
Went to 2 Kleenex to be seen! I paid 4.66, got back 17 in RR, so not bad. My oop could have been less if I hadn't bought 2 pkgs of tissue paper that did not ring up bogo...almost returned it when I realized, but decided I wouldn't want to draw attention to myself since I coupon there so much! I need to do a couple more transactions at Walgreens Friday/Saturday, so my RR will not expire before Black Friday, so please, please, please: if you are reading this and local: 1)don't go buy all the stuff I intend to buy & 2)don't tell everyone else about my deals so they go buy all the stuff I intend to buy! That being said, if you want to know what coupons I found to use today, leave me a comment with email and I'll fill you in!

Planning my shopping trips this week

Well, I was planning on shopping right now, but Garrett is's 745 am...he woke at 6...maybe a growth spurt. I thought that yesterday also because he napped quite a bit and nursed more than usual...better get some bigger clothes out! I would like to get a few more of the free/cheap wipes at Target, plus if my fav cashier is working, take him a candy or soda or something...he's young, he'll appreciate that! If there are some Glade gingerbread refills, I'll be tempted to get a few of those, too. Homeland this week has some decent deals. A good week to stock up on good pasta, but not me--we still have about 20 boxes from the last 2 sales on Ronzoni! I will be getting Coffeemate since I have 10 more coupons to use, and I'll get Campbells Harvest soups, because they are free after coupon. I'll also get the Crisco, since I may need more oil soon. Other than that, not much for me! Reasors has a decent price on pork chops, so I think I'll have Vince bring some home tonight! Walgreens, ah, Walgreens. Next week doesn't have many great RR deals, so I need to get a few deals late this week so I have some to use on Black Friday. Friday or Saturday this week I'll pick up some neopsporin & Kleenex & tissue paper. Next week they have Dove deodorant cheap, Pepsi products, Sunkist/DrPepper products, Aussie. Black Friday shows Infusium, toys, & aquafresh deals...get ready for the Walgreens extravaganza! Because I have been purchasing foods when they are free or almost free for months now, I have built up quite a stockpile. This affords me the ability to only purchase now to keep my stockpile going, with the exception of the occasional non-sale item. (I noticed yesterday I am low on brown sugar). We buy produce & meat & bread in bulk when on sale cheap, and store in the freezer. We eat what we have on hand, and plan meals around what is on sale, not what we have a craving for. This has saved us hundreds of dollars in just the few months we have been couponing. I do this so I can continue to stay home with Little One.

Monday, November 9, 2009

$50 in Lowe's Gift Cards for $1!!!

It works...I am amazed, and hooked! Online offers might just be my new obsession!
I tried this the last week of October, probably the 27th. I got an email a few days later to redeem my prize for trying out CompleteHome for $1 for one month. I requested my gift, the gift cards, then cancelled my membership via telephone on November 4th. Now, on November 9th, I got my $50 n Lowe's gift cards!!! Hello, Christmas gift for hubby! You can still do this offer...remember to follow the instructions in my previous post, and cancel within th first 30 days or you will be charged for another month. Here is the original post

Sunday, November 8, 2009

free Kleenex at Walgreens

I had to go back and try the Kleenex deal! I got all this for 99 cents+tax=3.52!!! Thankfully the link I had earlier for the MQ for Kleenex is MIA, so I can't do too much more damage! This is what I did: 1: 2 Betty Crocker Frosting, used 2 0.50 MQs & in ad Q 3 Kleenex 85 ct, used b1g1 MQ, $1 IVC & in ad Q 2 gift sacks, used in ad Q total 0.42+tax=0.94 2: 3 Kleenex as above 2 gift sacks 2 Carnation evap. milk, used 0.50/2 MQ & in ad Q total 0.14+tax=0.64 3: 3 Kleenex as above 2 fleece baby blankets 0.10 each 2 frosting as above 0.16+tax=0.68 4: same as 3 0.16+tax=0.68 5: 3 Kleenex as above flavored milk straws 0.25 2 Carnation evap milk as above 0.11+tax=0.58

0.01 + tax...using up those RR from Almay!

There isn't much I can use at Walgreen's this week that involves RR, and I'm not going to buy stuff just to roll the RR...maybe next week's ad will be better! I went ahead and decided to get in on the baking items on sale and a couple of the bogo items, using 1 set of Almay RR.

I got: 4 bags of Gold Medal Flour, used 4 0.50 MQs & in ad Q 9 holiday gift bags, used in ad Q Nestle morsels, used 0.50 MQ & in ad Q 4 Wet n Wild eye/lip liner pencils 0.99 each, bogo plus used 2 $1peelies 4 Clearasil face wash 4.79 each, bogo plus used 4 $2 MQs 2 Borden sweetened condensed milk(think fudge!), used $1/2 MQ & in ad Q 2 Carnation evap. milk, used $1/2 MQ & in ad Q 3 cans Libby pumpkin, used in ad Q used $10 RR from Almay and $5 RR from Almay total was 0.01+ tax= 2.48oop...yay!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Final savings for Waggin week ending 11/7

I wondered what my final savings was for all my Walgreens deals this week...I posted most of my transactions, but I also bought some of the vitamins on bogo, so that used up some RR. This is what I figured: Original value of merchandise 342.74 oop 41.22 RR left to spend 73.00 WOW! I bought over $340 worth of makeup, vitamins, lotion, razors, and Halloween clearance, and profited $32! My oop included the tax on everything, so I cleaned up at Walgreens this week!

Targeting & wagging 11/7

I said I was done withe the Glade gc deal, but spotted the gingerbread refills and caved! I did NOT have great coupons because I gave them all away(so I wouldn't buy anymore,lol), so I spent 5.50, got my $5 gc back..not bad! Also bought 3 GE energy smartbulbs 2.39 each, used $1/2 & $1/1 MQs & $2/2 & $2/1 TQs. Found Halloween 90% of so picked up cupcake tins 0.24, used 0.25MQ! Also snagged 6 tshirts for my son & hubby at 39 cents-75 cents each. Got myself a pair of knee highs(spiderweb) for next 10.06, got back $5gc!
A few Walgreens transactions:
Bic Soleil clearance 3.59, used $2 MQ (IP from website)
2 Almay mascara bogo 7.99, -8WQ
oop 2.57, got $3 RR for Bic
Bic Soleil 3.59, used $2 MQ
oop 1.90, got $3 RR
Bic Soleil 3.59, used $2 MQ
oop 1.90, got $3RR
pumpkin pail 0.49
almay foundation 9.99
almay eyeshadow bogo
6 almay mascara 6.99 each, -bogo, -$24 WQ
used 2 $3 RR from Bic, oop 4.13, got $10 RR & $5 RR