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Friday, July 2, 2010

I adore CVS!

Really, where else can you stock up on household necessities for next to nothing. Or, better yet, make money while doing it? I visited with 'my girls' at CVS this morning, and did 4 transactions. I also transferred a prescription over for the Little One(his eczema ointment), and received a $25 gift card for doing so...yay!
Trans 1:
1 12 pk DrP 3.67
BioTrue contact solution 2.99(gave the solution to my cashier..she uses it and she is down on her luck right now, so my RAOK for the day)
6 Sobe 1.59, used 3 bogo mqs, sobe is bogo, and 6 0.50TQs for overage
2 Boost shakes 7.99 each, used 2 $3 mqs and they are bogo50
4 Mentos 0.99 each, used 2 bogo mqs
2 Tic Tacs 1.49 each, used 1 bogo mq
used 5/30 and 8ecb, pd 0.11+tax on a gc, received 3ecb for DrP, 3ecb for BioTrue
Trans 2:
Bounty 8roll 6.99, used $1mq & $2 crt
Bounty 6roll 5.97, used $2crt
6 Sobe 1.59, used 3 bogo mqs, sobe is bogo, & 6 0.50 tqs
Hydro razor 8.99, used $5 mq & $1tq
Qtips 2.39, used $1mq
2 TicTacs 1.49 each, used bogo mq
used 5/30 & 6ecb, pd tax only on gift card, received 1 ecb for Bounty
Trans 3:
2 Hefty trash bags 6.99 each, used 2 $1mqs
4 Dawn 0.99 each, used 3 $0.25 mqs
6 Sobe 1.59 each, used 3 bogo mqs, Sobe is bogo, & 6 0.50 tqs
Hydro razor 8.99, used $5mq & $1tq
used 5/30 & 10ecb, pd 0.18+tax on gift card, received 4ecb for Hefty
Trans 4:
Pampers Cruisers 8.99, used $3mq from sampler mailer & $3 cvs Q
Kodak movie dvd 6.99, used $5 tq
6 Sobe 1.59 each, used 3 bogo mq, Sobe is bogo, & 6 0.50tq
butterfinger 0.89, used free mq from fb promo
Hydro razor 8.99, used $5 mq & $1 tq
used 5/30, pd tax only on gift card plus $0.20 cash, received 1ecb for Pampers, 9.99 ecb for Kodak dvd, & 10 ecb for schick
The Schick Hydro has a TMF rebate going now, so I will get back 8.99 in rebates from that.

It was a good day at CVS!

BTW, I was concerned about buying that much Sobe, but they said they had some in the cooler in the back, just hadn't stocked it yet..I mentioned there was the great coupon available for print right now, so they might want to alert the vendor and get him over there to restock!

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My Favorite Deals Blog said...

So jealous! The nearest CVS is about 30 miles from me. I rarely make it there.