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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Day 22

I can't believe the 4 weeks is almost's been a relatively fun challenge, and I hope to continue to challenge myself beyond next week(ok, after vacation!  kind of hard to be as frugal as I like when on vacation!)
If you saw my earlier post, you know I spent $3 at the grocery store today on a lot of items!

cereal, fruit, yogurt
pizza(frozen), green salad, leftover pasta salad
I put a 3# bag of chicken into the slow cooker this morning, let it cook much of the day, then divided it into 6 bags for future meals.
I used 1 of the bags tonight to make:
chicken salad(green salad with chicken atop) with cucumbers and green onions, macaroni and cheese
we had a few cookies and milk for a dessert

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