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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Day 26

yogurt, cereal
I packed Vince a lunch;  The boys and I had leftover linguine with cream cheese alfredo sauce, and some imitation crabmeat
pigs in a blanket(homemade pastry), mac & cheese, green beans

I made mozzarella did not get stretchy...more like ricotta, oh well.  Let the whey sit overnight so I could make ricotta today.  I always say 'homemade ricotta', when I usually really make homemade 'cottage cheese'.  Today, I made real, cottage cheese is easier, think I'll stick to that!  I put both cheeses in the freezer, to use later in the month in lasagna.
I saved the leftover whey to use in bread later today or tomorrow...I hear it's more flavorful, and you boost your protein! 
We ran over to Homeland while we were out taking Trenton to get his old glasses tinted into sunglasses.  I wanted to buy blackberries, but they didn't have any, so I bought 3 pounds of onions, a pkg of stew meat, and Grandes chips...after the $2RRR Q, the $1 Grandes Q, and the $2.36 store promo Q, I pd 0.64oop!
So, adding 0.64 to my Challenge total for the week.  I'll be going back to Homeland a few more times because of that 2.36 coupon...I have my eye on a seedless watermelon at 2.99, maybe some strawberries at 2.50, and we'll see if they get any blackberries in!

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