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Friday, July 16, 2010

Grocery Challenge, the Final Day!

The end of the four weeks is here...what have I learned?
I rely on leftovers alot, but that's ok, because I'm a good cook and we all enjoy the meals I prepare, so we can just enjoy them an extra day occasionally!
I can spend very little if I want to, and just maintain my stockpile, supplementing with milk and produce as needed.
Bartering with friends and family is a great idea!  Especially this time of year with gardens in high gear...I don't have to spend as much to have fresh produce!
I love being frugal.  I love cooking.  I love saving money!

yogurt, cereal, fruit
noodles with beef in a mushroom sauce; salad of cucumber, tomato, and squash
Crabcakes, caesar salad, salad of cucumber, tomato, and squash

I'm posting this late night of the 27th day, because I hope I am busy doing housework all day tomorrow!  I will get online for a few minutes at some point to update, but I plan to run to Homeland for some cheap produce, say in the 0.24 cent oop range!

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