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Friday, July 2, 2010

Homeland 7/2, and Grocery Challenge, Day 13

We made a quick run into Homeland, since we were renting a DVD at the Blockbuster Express kiosk with free codes.
I spent actual money(gasp!):
Marzetti caesar dressing
RRR ground beef about 1.25#
Blue Bunny bomb pops 12ct
Crab Classics
Borden Singles Sensations
Skinny Cow cup(oh, my, Dulce de Leche is phenomenal!)
pd 3.53 oop

Vince and Garrett had cereal; Trenton used a gc he received for his bday to buy me and himself a donut(he also got a sausage roll), oop=0
I packed Vince a lunch; Garrett had chicken and rice; Trenton and I had eggs, turkey bacon(leftover), crescent rolls, and hashbrowns(potatoes I shredded with part of the jicama root leftover from my jicama salad last week)
leftovers: EggFuYoung & rice or Eggplant's fix your own leftovers night!

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