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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Target, and End of Week 3!

My pal and I ran over to Target again today...I got a few items with overage, Michelle covered the tab...we talked over our trip at the cafe over a soda(and popcorn for Trenton)...oop $2.71.  That makes my total oop for week 3 only $9.99, after rebates & helping friends with groceries.  Actually, if I hadn't been so social this week, my stops at Target cafe twice, McD's, & Arbys, I would have made money...oh well, gotta have friends ;-)  I don't want to make a habit of grabbing a drink or bite to eat out in a restaurant--it adds up, but I'm fine with what I spent this week!

Week 4 will probably show a run to Homeland for a few items, and I have a couple friends I'm bartering with this week...another good way to keep your grocery cost down!


Teri said...

What are your favorite sites for finding rebates? I'm an avid couponer, but can't seem to save as much as you do. How do you get up to 80% and 90% savings? Are you looking for things you can make money on regardless of whether you'll use it or not? Do you do your own match-ups? If you don't mind my asking, do you use food stamps? (I don't consider that a bad thing at all. I'm just floored by your savings and trying to figure out how you do it. I thought that might be one of the ways.) I'm doing rebates, watching the match-ups on moneysavingqueen and other sites, etc. My average savings is 50% or so. I spend $300 a month on average for my husband and I. But, we have SO MUCH stockpiled. I'd really like to get my savings in the 70% range. Then, I can improve from there. You are amazing! Thanks for the help!

beth said...

Hi, Teri...I think the key for me at this point is to only buy free or cheap, or money-makers...I don't shop like normal people anymore, lol...I try to keep my totals very low!
On the rebates, word of mouth, some of the larger message boards I subscribe to will send rebate info for everyone. I do rebates on stuff we use, but if I don't currently use it, and it's a try me free rebate, I try to use Walgreens or CVS rewards to pay for the item, then get the cash back.
No, we don't qualify for food stamps, but I don't believe we need them! My baby does receive WIC, but gets a very minimal allowance, like a few gallons of milk, a loaf of bread, $6 in produce..not much, but it helps!

I suggest not buying 'everything' just because you have a couple. I did that at first, and bought way too much. Now that you have a good stockpile, just try buying the free/almost free stuff or money makers.

Another tip: I cook according to what I have on hand, I rarely buy something to prepare a recipe. I substitute or make something different. I am feeding a baby, myself, a teen boy, and a high-metabolizing husband, and we are never without a great homecooked meal.
Feel free to check with me for advice or deal info! I don't post on the blog alot...not very many followers, I'd rather the personal approach!

Teri said...

Thanks, Beth! What are some of the larger message boards you use?

beth said...

check out Hot Coupon World..there is a thread called 'gimme my money back.' People post rebates and try me free info...some of it isn't useful for me, but occasionally I find one I was unaware of!

Teri said...

Thank you!