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Friday, July 9, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Day 20...and a cvs trip

cereal for the boys, then Garrett and I met with friends at McD's for coffee, yogurt, and a sandwich.  Spent $4.33
I packed Vince a lunch, Trenton is at his Granny's for lunch, and Garrett and I grabbed a couple junior sandwiches at Arby's.  Spent $3.26, received 2 receipts with surveys on the back, so that's 2 free sandwiches on next visit!!
Trenton's Granny sent him home with a huge bag of lettuce--endive, radicchio, I decided we'd make pizza and salad.
Homemade dough:
3 c flour, combine with 1/2t salt and 1 pkg yeast.  Then add in 2 T olive oil and 1c warm water.  Knead until elastic, then cover and let sit 10 minutes.  You could add in garlic powder or other herbs to the dough if desired.  I split thjat in half, placing 1 half in a greased pan,  Spread out the dough thinly, add homemade pizza sauce(crushed tomatoes, wilted spinach & greens, red pepper flakes, garlic, oregano, basil), then toppings..we had pepperoni, mozz & homemade ricotta.  Added some minced garlic, and more oregano & basil to the top.  Bake til golden.
For the other half of the dough, I pulled off small bits, flattened them, then placed a cube of mozz inside.  Rolled into a ball, and baked those on a pizza pan.  Alot of the cheese escaped, so instead of cheese balls, they were more like pizza crust balls.  I would habe sealed them better and rolled them in olive oil and garlic, but the baby was screaming by this time.
Our salad was the nice mix received from Trenton's Granny, and I added sliced cucumber from Gma's garden, and broccoli from my garden! yum.

Went to CVS...gardening stuff is 75% off! 
Only did one transaction:
4 Milkway 0.50 each, used 4 0.50/1 crts
2 pocket folders0.10 each
2 cvs brand pantiliners, 0.50 each, received 1ecb for buying 2
3 Post cereals, 3/$10, used 1 $2IP, received 5 ecb
2 garden items 0.99 each
2 garden items 0.49 each
Duracell battery 2.99, used 0.75 mq, received 1ecb
2 Borden milk, used 2 0.75 mqs, received 2 ecb
Charmin 9roll, used $1 mq, received 1 ecb
Tylenol Precise patches 5.99, received 2 ecb
2 Purex, 6.49 bogo
2 cvs brand acetaminophen 6.69 bogo
2 cvs brand batteries 6.49 bogo
used a 5/30 email Q & a 3/10 food cvs Q, used ecbs in the amounts of 10, 10, 8, 4, 1.98, 3, 3
pd 0.05+tax on a gift card I got for filling a prescription.

I spent $7.59 on dining out, but I met up with a couple friends whom I pick up extra groceries for at times...I received $22 from them toward their part of the groceries, so today was a profit of $14.41.

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