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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crab cakes

Wow...just spent 20 minutes trying to find my post with crabcake recipe...can't find it, maybe I forgot to post it.  I made crabcakes for the first time on the final day of the AllYou Grocery Challenge...they were delicious!  I know most people probably add extras, like relish or spices, but I made mine very simply, just crab(imitation), bread crumbs, mayo, egg, and some italian herbs.  I let that sit in the fridge to blend all the tastes together, then I heat in a skillet or baking dish in olive oil.
Well, crabcakes for dinner again tonight!  And, Trenton caught a catfish the other evening at a fishing clinic, so I decided to to catfish patties also.  I cooked the catfish in a cast iron skillet until it was flaky.  Now, it's cooling in the fridge.  Later, I'll mix up the same type of filling as the crabcakes, just with catfish!  Can't wait for dinner!

For anyone interested in this fishing clinic, it's held at the Jenks Aquarium, and is FREE!  The rangers teach the kids what to do, and then they let them have fun at the casting pond.  Catfish of decent size can be kept...the rangers will even filet it for you!  There are a couple more clinics before school starts, so check out their website and sign up!

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