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Saturday, July 3, 2010

CVS Upcoming Deals

Unfortunately, I don't need the 'normal' stuff everyone else does, nor am I in the 'obsessive' stage of drugstore-couponing where you buy everything that has a RR or ecb attached to it, just because it was, I can't give you a great idea of all the deals to come at CVS. But, I can say what I am thinking of buying. I have quite a few ecbs to use up before we go on our mini-vacation in a few weeks. I would like to have a few left, but not what I have currently, and not with these expiration dates!
Here's what I am looking at for the next couple weeks, no deals set in stone, not really any great deals at the moment, just some ecb burning opportunities, and some stocking up on household necessities.
week of 7/4:
Biotrue contact solution 2.99, 2.99ecb, limit 2
sobe bogo
charmin 5.49, 1ecb
Duracell 2.99, 1ecb
Purex 6.49 bogo
Covergirl spend $15, get 5ecb...there is supposed to be a CG Q in the P&G for free eyemakeup wyb any CG mascara, so that might be a decent deal
Phys Formula bogo50% makeup(love their eyeliner!)
CVS ibuprofen 5.99 bogo
Tylenol Precise 5.99, 2ecb
CVS batteries 6.49 bogo

week of 7/11:
school folders 10/$1
Neutrogena clinical 34.99, the ad says free after rebate, this week only...maybe there is a new rebate coming out, because the current rebate and mq does not make this free...print that $5 mq from Neutrogena clinical now just in case they take it down early
Sobe 77cents
Complete contact solution 12oz 7.99, 7.99 ecb

There is a July ecb deal, CVS pantiliners that are shelf tagged 99cents are really 2/$1, buy 2 get 1ecb, so 2 free after ecb; the limit is at least 2.

The week of 7/11 there is a Sun, Mon, Tues ecb deal on pens, & safety scissors. Also, they will have most of their baby formulas on sale 19.99.

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