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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some people...

Some people just don't get it!  Many Target stores have their toy clearance going on, and many people are seeing 75% signs this week...on a message board I stalk, someone posted they saw a lady with 3-4 carts full of toys.  That is crazy!  Maybe she had a ton of kids, maybe she was donating, maybe she was buying to resale...I think it's tacky!  I suggested everyone practice moderation, and I received an onslaught of replies that said I 'shouldn't judge' and that 'clearance is different than coupon shopping'.  Um, in my eyes, clearing a shelf is clearing a shelf.  Don't fool yourself into thinking buying 4 carts of toys for 'Toys for Tots' is better than buying 4 carts for are still hoarding. 
'The early bird gets the worm.'  True.  But does the bird need to eat every worm in the yard, and the neighbors yard, and the opposite neighbors yard?  Greedy bird.  I don't even care about the toy clearance...I just think it's tacky.
My last view of the message board, another poster says 'Just got 2 CARS full of toys for $120'  WOW!

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