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Thursday, July 30, 2009

tie dyed diapers..first attempt

I had some prefolds with staining, so a-tie-dying we will go!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SuperValu Promotion

SuperValu Promotion I am ALL OVER, basically you get free groceries--sweet!

Boogie Wipes: Get Free Boogie Wipes!

Boogie Wipes: Get Free Boogie Wipes! Shared via AddThis

Today's shopping trips

So, I didn't need much at the store, but some deals are just too good to pass up! Went to Homeland, bought: can of pineapple Oxy facewash Musselmann's totally fruit apple sauce 3 pk bic pens 1 pk bic mechanical pencils softsoap liquid pump after coupons and overages total oop $0.56!!! My savings was 99%!! Going back on Saturday for 3-day sale specials! Then, on to Target: 2 special boxes of Huggies diapers(for nights and long periods out of the house, size 3, 144 per box) 28.99 each - $3 off coupons for each box, got $5 gift card for buying 2 boxes...23.49/bx, and should last 3-4 months!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Start of wk 3 of challenges

Well, it's a good thing we are doing the All You grocery Challenge--I am forced to use foods we already have--since hubby is off work for awhile after his back surgery, the money will not be rolling in; in fact, I am going to try to not go shopping at all the next 2 wks unless there is just a great sale price on something I have coupons to match! We received some homegrown veggies from our garden(edamame and okra), MIL's(peppers, zucchini, okra), and gma's(cucumbers & tomatoes), plus I bought some spinach, romaine, and broccoli at Sam's yesterday, so we will be eating lots of veggies this week! Week 2 proved difficult on the exercise regimen...taking care of hubby really wore me out. I did manage 4 days of exercise, but not nearly as much as I needed! I only lost 1 lb this week, but I think I lost an inch each in my waist and hips..I'll take it! Maybe this week will be better, but I'm not betting big on it! Well, off for a walk(every little bit counts!)...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Well, my husband is home from his stay at the hospital. His back surgery looks to be successful so far! He was scheduled for a laminectomy, which they performed, and got a surprise partial discectomy, as the doctor discovered a massive herniation of a disc once the surgery was underway. Recovery is hard and slow-going. I am so thankful for my older child to be home and helpful...caring for a 3 month old and a 30-something in pain is tough work for one person! I am still on the 30 day shred, although I did not make it through the whole routine today. I have added some walking with my hubby several times daily...somehow, even taking Wednesday and Thursday off from exercising, I managed to lose a little more weight! We are still eating healthy, making homemade everything(so much stuff to do!) We are sticking to a budget still, as per the guidelines in the grocery challenge. This is probably due to my laziness right now...too hot and tired to get out of the house and do much shopping! I do need to get out and pick up some produce tomorrow, though, so I guess I better find some motivation! I managed to weed one of my gardens this week..the iris bed, and planted a few new iris rhizomes. I need to get to the veggie garden and weed it, but it looks like such a daunting task right may have to wait. I finally got myself in gear and listed some auctions on ebay...have some clothes to sell...need the money with hubby off work with recovery, and I need the space back in my bedroom! I started dying some of Garrett's prefolds tonight...the ones that are really stained! I have black, bahama blue, and tulip red right now, but I won an auction on ebay so I'll have some other colors to work with next week! I may try tie-dying them if I can figure out how to do it. Another project that I can't seem to get moving on: sewing up some wool covers...I DO NOT sew well with a machine, and that would make it go easier and faster...maybe next month I'll pull the machine out and try to get these things done. I read you can recycle wool sweaters into diaper covers, and thought I could do it before Garrett's arrival, but I worked in my garden every day instead. I have several beautiful 100% wool sweaters I picked up at a thrift shop for 99 cents each, and I really want to make this of these days, right? Well, that's my quick seems I don't have very much time this week. Housework is calling, too, but who wants to clean the house when your favorite boys in the world want to spend time with you?! When I find a moment, I have to decide between working out, doing housework, grabbing a shower, cooking for the next meal, working on a project that I started, and many other things...ugh, no wonder I'm so tired! I know it gets easier, there's just so much I want to do... now I'm just ranting..time for bed!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Meet my Family

A quick peek at my boys! My husband, Vince, works for a large banking group in town. We have been married since February 2008. My son Trenton just turned 12. He is starting 7th grade this year. He loves OU Football, archery, Runescape, movies, abox 360, the list could go on forever... My son Garrett is 12 wks old today! He is so awesome! He laughs and talks to us all the time now, and can just about turn himself over from his back to belly. He loves to sit up and look curious! I am so blessed to have all of them in my life!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 5

Day 5 of 30 day shred. Day 5 of Mama Notes' Fit By Labor Day Challenge. Day 5 of All You Grocery Challenge. I'd have to say I'm doing well! The workout is getting easier, except cardio--I still get so easily winded. I will try level 2 next week. I notice that it is easier by the end of each session. Maybe my body isn't warmed up or loose enough yet when I start. Not sure if it will actually help since alot of days I've had to split up the 20 minutes to accomodate Little One. Fit by Labor Day Challenge is good for me...I am working out, which was a problem for me before. I am making better food choices..both type of food and how I prepare them. The first 4 days I wasn't hungry or snacky and probably didn't get enough calories. Today I noticed I was really hungry, and I ate! I refuse to deny my body food when I am breastfeeding! I didn't have anything sugary or fatty, so I don't feel bad about it. Grocery it! I am still using alot of food we already have on hand, and did pick up a few items for cheap or free. And, apparently I was very ambitious today--I made homemade bread(3 loaves, for the freezer)and homemade cottage cheese. I had a lovely snack of cottage cheese and fresh strawberries--yum! I need to buy some more veggies and salad fixings(in order to keep eating healthy)...which I could find someone around here that would trade fresh bread for fresh produce..hmm..Farmer's Market?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I won!

Ha! I never win anything! I just won 2 cases of meat from a local steak and poultry company! This contest was in connection with a great local site I depend on for coupon matchups Thank you 918 Moms! I will get 20 5 oz bacon wrapped filets and 16 8oz TriTip Sirloin steaks! Looks like we'll be eating pretty good for a while! We don't have a grill, though. I guess we'll be sharing with whomever offers to cook them for us! Any takers, lol?

Husband's going under the knife

After lower back pain for years, getting progressively worse, we discovered this year that Vince has 3 discs degenerating. He's tried physical therapy, epidural steroid injections, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and pain pills. He was awaiting insurance approval for surgery to implant a Spinal Cord Stimulator, but new developments are here. He has had numbness on and off, but a wee or so ago it worsened. Numbness, weakness--so numb he could not feel his leg or foot at all, and he started falling as a result. Bought a cane, fell some more. Mind you, he's 31 yrs old. Went back to his neurosurgeon, and he is scheduled for a laminectomy next week. Doc wanted to do it right away but hubby wants to wait to make sure his schedule was covered at work. I pray that this helps. Apparently it will help with the numbness in the leg, but not the pain from bad's a start. right?

Running post: Progress in Fit by Labor Day Challenge

Week 1 goals: 30 day shred, drink more water, use whole foods(less processed stuff), eat more fruits and veggies, log food and exercise on Spark recap:shred every day but Sunday(went bowling instead), drank lots of H2O, didn't eat processed foods, ate more fresh produce, logged onto spark every day...lost 2 lbs Week 2 goals:continue week 1 as much as possible(dh surgery Wednesday), transition to level 2 recap:I did not make the level 2 transition, but I did manage to workout 4 days, and lost 1 lb Week 3 goals:workout more, more veggies, spend less money! recap: did NOT workout more :-(, but did eat more veggies...we only had a few meals with meat this week, didn't necessarily spend less, but got more deals! Week 4 goals: workout, workout, much as possible considering I have a busy week planned, drink more water, continue the veggies, spend less! recap:

Running post: Amount spent on Groceries for Challenge

daily prices are before OK state sales tax; tax to be added in to each wk's total Week 1 7/14 Target 6.99(received 5.00 gift card) Walmart 17.68 7/15 Reasor's 2.68 7/16 Target 0.00(used gift cards from shopping trip on 7/14) 7/19 Homeland 0.00(bought coffee creamer and school supplies; creamer should have been 0.99, but after coupon overages my total oop was 0.65, so I am calling this one free) Monterey's 39.69 (inc tax and tip) hubby is having surgery Wednesday and wanted a last meal and drink out since he will be cooped up for a number of weeks total for wk 1 27.66 + tax + 39.69= 69.71 Week 2 7/20 Homeland 0.00(total was 0.01, but cashier said 'don't worry about it' embarrassed:all I had was a credit card on me!) 7/20 liquor store 4.66 inc tax 7/22 Homeland 2.44 (for food items) 7/23 hospital cafeteria 12.46 inc tax 7/25 Walmart 4.55(would be 14.55, but sending off for rebates in amount of $10.00, so total adjusted to 4.55) 7/26 Sam's Club 11.44(used $10 gift card to bring total down) total for wk 2 18.43+tax+17.12=37.12 Week 3 7/29 Homeland 0.00(bought applesauce, pineapple, handsoap, 4 bic pens, oxy overages made my total oop 0.56, so I'm calling the 2 food items free!) 7/30 Cheesecake Factory 30.00 Nat'l Cheesecake Day=1/2 price at Cheesecake Factory...took MIL to lunch $30 for all 4 of us to have appetizers & dessert & tip 8/01 Homeland 5.13 incl tax(3 lbs peaches, tyson chicken, hormel pepperoni, 3 applesauce, 3 pk pens) 8/02 Walgreens 4.00(used coupons and RR to get 16 jars of Ragu, will donate some!) total for week 3= 39.47 Week 4 8/06 Walmart 12.74 (needed some baking ingredients--I'm on cake duty for family bday party Saturday; proud of this shopping trip: original total was 30.68) total for week 4= 12.74+ tax= 13.83

Running post: Meals made for Grocery Challenge

week 1 7/13 B--misc. L--salad and leftover spaghetti D--pasta with chicken and collard greens with Caesar Vinaigrette 7/14 B--misc. L--leftover spaghetti and salad D--Southwest Eggrolls 7/15 B--misc. L--hubby took sack lunch; at home, leftover southwest eggrolls D--leftover pasta with chicken and collard greens with Caesar Vinaigrette, and large salad 7/16 B--misc. L--hubby, sack lunch; at home, leftover pasta w/chx & greens D--cabbage rolls, salad 7/17 B--waffles and scrambled eggs L--leftover pasta w/ chx & greens D--leftover cabbage rolls, salad 7/18 B--misc L--misc leftovers D--bacon wrapped filets, Baked potato, sweet corn, peas 7/19 B--misc L--misc leftovers D--dinner out--Mexican! week 2 7/20 B--misc. L--turkey sandwich using homebaked bread and gma's cucumbers and tomatoes, baby carrots D--baked tilapia with crumb topping, tomato & cucumber salad(from gma's garden), angel hair pasta 7/21 B--misc L--misc leftovers D--bacon wrapped filets, fried potatoes, leftover salad 7/22 B--cereal and yogurt L--granola bar(hubby in surgery) D--leftover steak, baked potato 7/23 B--cereal and yogurt L--pasta and salad(hospital cafeteria) for mom; T had burger & fries D--(hubby home from hospital)pasta with mustard greens, tomato sauce, mozzarella 7/24 B--misc L--sandwiches, fresh veggies D--steak fajitas(with steak we won from local meat company), homemade tortillas, corn and black beans, homemade salsa 7/25 B--misc L--leftover fajitas D--sandwiches and leftover pasta with mustard greens, tomato sauce, mozzarella 7/26 B--misc L--sanwiches, leftover pasta, edamame and okra from garden D--potato and zucchini fritatta(MIL's garden), leftover steak fajitas week 3 7/27 B--fruit & nut bread(get well gift) L--leftover frittata and fajitas D--big salad & tex mex bread(get well gift) 7/28 B--leftover bread & homemade yogurt L--baked potato & salad(romaine, spinach, cucumber, tomato, broccoli, green onion, black beans..yum!) D--misc leftovers & sandwiches 7/29 B--granola bar & banana L--Tyson skillet sensations Asian Orange chicken(easy & free because of mail in rebate) D--misc leftovers & salad 7/30 B--yourt & cereal L--Cheesecake Factory D--baked zucchini with italian seasons and bread crumbs, pb&j sandwiches 7/31 B--misc(I had waffles) L--crockpot chili with kidney beans and black beans D--turkey sandwiches, large salad, leftover zucchini, leftover edamame from our garden 8/01 B--misc L--leftover chili, leftover veggies D--misc salads & veggies 8/02 B--misc L--spaghetti & sauce with sliced zucchini(From MIL's garden) D--leftover pasta or sandwiches & salad 8/03 B--misc(I had homemade yogurt & cereal) L--pasta & broccoli & sauce(made with butter, flour, milk, garlic, ranch dressing, mozzarella) D--leftover spaghetti or pasta w/broccoli 8/04 B--misc L--turkey sandwich, baked potato(w/chives from garden), & homemade mint chocolate pudding D--chicken nuggets, cheesy scalloped potatoes, salad 8/05 B--misc L--leftover chx nuggets & scalloped potatoes D--homemade flour tortillas, steak for fajitas(steak won in local giveaway), spinach & tomato, sauteed onions 8/06 B--misc L--bacon wrapped filets(free from giveaway) & veggies from our garden(we didn't know we had anything survive...came up with red potatoes carrots!) & homemade yogurt, frozen, w/strawberries D--turkey sandwich & new potatoes; Trenton went to a BBQ at church 8/07 B--misc L--steak fajitas w/ new potatoes D--turkey sandwiches & salads & veggies(corn, salad, carrots) 8/08 B--biscuits, fried potatoes, eggs, link sausage L/D(family party)--I made pear crisp(our tree) & lemon cake w/ lemon sauce & strawberries; we feasted on homemade fried, melons, salad, & buffalo burgers 8/09 B--misc(I had homemade yogurt, strawberries & cereal) L--leftover steaks & new potatoes, leftover corn, carrots, salad, cucumber(gma's garden) D--flatbread pizza(no-rise bread I made a couple wks back & stuck in the freezer) with olives, artichokes, pepperoni, mustard greens, & cheese; jello for dessert

Organized Disorganization

This is my problem. Always has been. Probably always will. I can't get organized. I think I have undiagnosed ADHD. I have so much going on right now that I want to discuss. How to do it without jumbling up this blog too much? I need to document meals made for Grocery Challenge, groceries purchased for Grocery Challenge, progress on Fit by Labor Day...what if I just start a title post for each of those and edit as needed to update? Does that make sense? Trying it out...which may mean I have alot of info posted more than once...oh well.

Day 2

I also noticed today that I haven't been snacking as much..don't know if that is because I am accountable to 4 others on the Challenge, or because I usually snack out of boredom, and with this new love of mine, I'm not very bored?! I probably should intake a little more than I have the past 2 days--I am breastfeeding so I need the calories--just choose wisely! Maybe a glass of milk with whey protein powder would do the trick? So, my thighs really hurt from the 30 day shred. Despite this, I feel like I am not getting a good could that be? Wednesday if I have the time and/or energy, I will try to add a little time on my elliptical or do some more strength training. I used to find excuses not to do 5 minutes on the elliptical, but now I am loving the 20 minutes of shred, plus wanting more...weird! I just really want to get my bod back. I've never been a small girl..I am 5'8" and at my lowest weight in the past decade I was 148(December 2007). I don't want to be tiny, I like my curves! I do want to be healthy. I want to be firm.

Found a new obsession

Blogging...kinda love it..kind of addictive, isn't it? I have noticed that I look forward to LO falling asleep around 8 or 9 pm for the night so that I can get a little uninterrupted time to say a little something here.

Week 1 grocery challenge

So, doing some stocking up and buying a few ingredients for meals that are planned the rest of the week. Target 7/14 total $6.99(received $5 gift card for water deal) 10 bottles SoBe Lifewater (-4 B1G1 Qs) $6(received $5 gift card back) 2 Eclipse gum (-B1G1) $0.99 Walmart 7/14 total $17.68 baking powder 1.04 rice 1.16 tapioca 2.98 spice 1.60 tomato juice 1.24 Mapleine 3.48 ground beef 6.18 Total so far for the week $24.67 Planning a trip to SuperTarget and Homeland later in the week for some more groceries. 7/15 Reasor's 5.95 lbs cabbage(for cabbage rolls) 2.68 7/16 SuperTarget total 0.00!! 5 lbs fresh strawberries(freezing for later use) 9.95 2 Kashi entrees 6.58 2 Morningstar black bean burger pkg 6.28 2 tube anchovy paste(don't need at the moment but on clearance so keep for later)3.28 after coupons my total was 14.09 but I used gift cards so I paid nothing oop! Total this week is now 27.35...still have trip to Homeland to go! 7/19 Homeland calling it 0 5 pkg glue stx, pk ink pens, coffee creamer; total shb 1.99+tax, but with coupon overage it was 0.65, so I'm calling the creamer free! 7/19 dinner out 39.69 see running post for more info

SparkPeople: Nutrition I think I'll just add the link each day to recount my diet..should be easier! I'm tracking for the Fit challenge as well as the Grocery challenge

Yellow Team

Just trying to get everything straight here... I'm on Yellow Team for the Mama Notes Fit By Labor Day Challenge. My teammates are: Corrine Nancy Alissa Holly How's everyone doing so far? Making changes to diet, or just exercising? I'm doing 30 day shred for thew first month(which btw, hurts so bad when you are so out of shape! And, the 20 minutes takes me almost an hour because LO always wakes up during, lol), and not sure about what to do after the 30 days. I am tracking me food on more food and eating less processed stuff, adding more veggies!

Mama Notes: Wooden Toys Giveaway

Mama Notes: Wooden Toys Giveaway The days of wooden, handmade crafts and toys are not over! Check out this toy giveaway on Mama Notes check out the store this family has set up..really neat ideas..maybe good holiday ideas can be found there!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Recap of day 1

I'm very tired and going to bed in just a minute...before 10 pm..a new record for me! But, Garrett is asleep in the crib, and I sent Trenton(my 12 yr old) to his room to read before he goes to bed. Recap of day 1 of several challenges: Worked out this morning to Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, and my thighs really feel it right now! Grocery challenge=no money spent today, used stockpiled food. Breakfast: T had yogurt(tummy ache) V had cereal I had waffles with peanut butter Lunch: T & V had leftover spaghetti(greens cooked into the sauce) and salad I had 2 plates of salad..yum! Dinner: I threw together a dish of pasta, baked chicken, collard greens, diced mozzarella, and tossed it with caesar vinaigrette dressing 2 snacks for me: Yogurt for both snacks Calorically speaking, I didn't eat enough today. Have to remember I am breastfeeding, and need the extra calories, but I was busy all day and didn't have much time to get more into me! I did drink about 80 oz of water! Another challenge: Logged all my food and exercise for the day in to my account at Sparkpeople...keeps me honest if I have to post it online! New challenge(sorta): My hubby had his appt with his neurosurgeon about his back issue, and the new numbness/weakness he is experiencing. Looks like surgery next Wednesday for him...more about that tomorrow...going to bed while the baby is still asleep! G'Night!

blog name

Why Fides et Familia, you ask? Why in Latin? Faith and Family. I have an anxiety disorder. I have sought treatment for it in the past, including counseling and medication. I was able to stop meds and counseling after about a year of treatment. Read a book called Do One Thing Different, by Bill O' really changed something for me. I still experience anxiety at times. Usually it involves my children, or others close to me. I am a worrywort...not just normal mommy worries...I have irrational fears about things that will probably never happen. But I still get up every day and live my life. I learned that I need to have more faith. Faith in myself that I can deal with problems or crisis. Faith in my kids that I have and will continue to raise them to make good decisions about their life. Faith in my husband that he will love me and honor our vows. Faith in God that He will take care of me when I need it, even when I think noone is listening. And family. I am not a lovey-dovey person(except with my kids and hubby, but sometimes even with them, I need to work on it!). I have never been the type of person to reach out and hug my parents or brother. I don't like telling people how I feel about them(again, with the exception of my children and husband). Despite all of that, I do feel that my family (and close friends) are THE most important! My family is everything. Maybe I 'detach' so that things don't hurt when people go, but my family is all I've got! Latin...I love Latin! I'm such a nerd! I took 4 years of Latin class in high school, and plan to take some refresher courses when I start college next year. I say 'lepus, lepus' as a good luck charm on the 1st of every month. I constantly hear words in everyday conversation that in my head I break down into their Latin root I said, nerd!

BETHETAY's SparkPage - Here we go again

BETHETAY's SparkPage - Here we go again I love Sparkpeople! This, along with the motivation my best friend Leslie provides, is how I lost almost 50 lbs in 4 months in preparation for my wedding. Unfortunately, the weight did not stay off. I blame stress a bit..I had several friends and relatives pass away the month before my wedding. I also blame myself..I got lazy! Plain and simple! I did not continue to workout; I did not continue to eat healthy foods. And now I'm paying for it. The month we got pregnant with Garrett was a make or break month..get pregnant or start a new health plan--we got Garrett! I am so thankful for Leslie--she helps me be accountable for what I do involving my health. I cannot get motivated on me own--I've tried! But with Leslie's prompting, I have gotten excited again. My Sparkpeople account allows me to log my food and exercise choices, and I already weighed myself, but I haven't taken measurements in a long waist and hip measurements have increased about 7 inches in 2 years--that will change! Granted, I just gave birth 11 wks ago, but it's time!

30 Day Shred

Day 1 of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred I did it! I woke up, made a happy baby(food and diaper), popped the DVD in the player, and managed to get through the routine! It was hard in spots(jumping jacks are not the girls' best friend), but I kept on. Other than my thighs hurting and being extremely thirsty, it was really nice!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dinner Tool :: Home

Dinner Tool :: Home I'm hoping to get some dinner ideas from this site when trying to use our stockpiled foods

Monday is almost here...

and what a big day it is...I'll post tomorrow with day 1 of my two challenges, and hope to post good news from my husband's doctor visits...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

All You Grocery Challenge

All You Grocery Challenge This starts Monday as well...busy week! This challenges you to limit your grocery/food bill to $25/person each week for 4 wks. I can totally do this! We have so much in our cabinets and freezer right now, much of which I haven't seen for months. I have a bad habit of buying stuff and stacking it on top of something else, and then I forget about it, or cook something completely different. With this challenge I can buy groceries or takeout as long as I don't go over the $25/person each week, but you can use food you already have stockpiled, or use your garden, or have a potluck dinner with friends, or whatever! I am going to take this opportunity to come up with meals using food we already have in the house, as much as possible. Of course, with my love of couponing, if there is a good sale during the month, I will go shopping to stock us up. I also have a trip to Sam's Club planned for some basics, but I will still try my hardest to only cook meals from ingredients already bought! Think I'll have to check into some of the websites that have recipes to suggest based on what ingredients you have on hand...we have alot of pasta and beans in the cabinet, so variation of other ingredients are going to be crucial! Suggestions are welcomed!

Fit by Labor Day 8 week challenge

Fit by Labor Day 8 week challenge Photobucket Starting this Monday...didn't give it too much thought, but this was the 2nd of three things that happened today that sparked my decision. First, my best friend Leslie sent me a text asking me to get back on with her...logging food and exercise. I was doing this a couple of weeks ago, but life happened, and I slacked off. I decided that indeed I would get back on the plan with her, not only for myself, but for her. We need each other for motivation it seems! So later in the day I saw the post about this Body After Baby Challenge on Mama Notes blog, with this Fit by Labor Day challenge starting in 2 days. Thirdly, at church tonight, my mom told me she found 2 Biggest Loser workout DVD's at a garage sale for $1 each, and that she had bought Jillian Michaels 30day shred at the store the other day. Enough said...I picked up the 30day shred DVD at her house that night, and on Monday the work begins!

Everybody else is doing it...

blogging... am I the last person to start a blog? Everyone is doing it...Ill try it out, because I'm going to participate in a challenge or two starting Monday, and thought this might help keep me focused. Stay tuned!