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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Target Clearance!

Love Target!  Headed out to one of the stores to find a ton of socks and athletic wear on clearance!  And, I had Target coupons for most of them!!!
I bought:
1 baby tshirt 3.48
1 pr Mossimo jeans for me! 7.48
4 pkgs of Champion mens socks 3pr/pkg  4.18-4.88 each
4 Champion mens muscle shirts 3.24-4.98 each
2 Champion womens hoodies 4.98 each
3 bx Special K
3 bx Fiber Plus cereal
after coupons my total was 2.36, which I put on a prepaid visa I received from a Staples rebate on paper a couple month ago!  Total oop, $0.00!! 

I'd love to find some more clothes for the boys on clearance, and for myself, so I'm going to go check out some other stores later...

I just wanted to note that my cashier was so pleasant, and she and the lady behind me in line were asking questions about how I find my coupons and great deals.  It was nice to chat with them...made my day!

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