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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Target 4/27/10

spent a little money today...getting a head start on mosquito & grilling season!


Friday, April 16, 2010

still loving CVS

I made an unplanned stop at CVS to see what damage I could do...
Dove shampoo
2 pr sunglasses
2 cocoa butter
2 single roll tp
pd 0.45+tax oop, got back 4.49 in new ecbs

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oregon woman arrested in coupon fraud scheme

See a video about an Oregon woman accused of making counterfeit coupons and using them to obtain hundreds of items.  The police believe she also turned around and returned some items to get gift cards or cash back...people like this make it really difficult for legitimate coupon-users to shop. 

My husband, the dork...

Trenton, my (almost) 13yr old, has plans today to see Clash if the Titans with his friend.  My husband is off work today, so it works out great that he can take Trenton.  We aren't quite ready to let Trenton go do things completely by himself, so Vince is seeing the movie also. 
So, I'm making a delicious breakfast (tortillas, eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, cheese=breakfast tacos!) and I notice my husband is sitting around in his cut-off khakis and this dorky Ghostbusters tshirt that I picked up after Halloween on clearance.  It's Venkman's uniform shirt, complete with 'slime' that glows in the dark.
  I say something to the effect of "Really dorky, are gonna embarass Trenton."  My husband, the dork, replies, "I know, but this way Trenton can find me in the dark theater if he gets up to go to the restroom."
Awwww, that is so sweet!  More so if you know the background:  Trenton was diagnosed a couple of years ago with Retinitis Pigmentosa.  Eventually, he will probably go blind, but for now, he has a slight loss in peripheral vision, and a moderate loss of night vision.  If we are out at night, he does, on occasion, take my arm in order to walk with more confidence. 
Anyway, I think that was supersweet of my husband(Trenton's stepdad, by the way) to think of wearing a glow in the dark tshirt so that Trenton could see him better.  Dorkiness forgiven!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weight Loss Efforts 2010

Well, I am at it again, I think.  I think I am ready to lose weight finally.  When I became pregnant with Garrett, I was at a crossroads:  lose weight or get pregnant.  We got pregnant.  So, I started my pregnancy overweight, and I gained 40+ lbs during. 
I was able to lose about 50lbs by the time Garrett was 2 months old.  Since then, I haven't tried at all to watch what I eat nor to exercise, yet I have lost another 20 lbs.  Makes me want to breastfeed forever!  But, the reality is that Garrett turns one this month, and I know that he will soon wean himself, and my secret to weightloss will be over. 

My mother has been overweight for almost 30 years.  She was always slim growing up and even had to gain weight in order to enlist in the military.  Recently, my mother found out she was diabetic, extremely.  I thought for certain she would ignore the news and set back into bad habits, but surprisingly, she is eating differently, taking meds, and exercising.  Not much exercise, but more than none!  Since her diagnosis, she has lost around 20 pounds, and I am inspired!  I am trying to get myself committed to my own weight loss, so that I can tell her what her efforts have inspired in me!

Today I spent 15 minutes on my elliptical trainer..not very long, but better than sitting at the computer those 15 minutes.  I still ate alot of calories, but I am still breastfeeding, and I refuse to apologize for eating when I am hungry!  I did make better choices in my eating, though...and I am happy with that!  I also drank water today, which I have been very bad about the past several months...I know, it's very important...this will be difficult for me at first.

Plan to see some posts about my progress...I need to be able to 'show' someone, so I can keep moving forward!

What's going on?

Well, Garrett is napping on me, so this is a prime opportunity for me to do a little blogging!

Around the house: 
I need to make and print my newest project: chore charts!  Trenton already has 6 day a week assignments, but I am not pleased with his bathroom cleaning skills, so I am going to rearrange some things for him.  Plus, I am really bad about scheduling at home...I can spend all day playing with Garrett, shopping, and cooking...and I slack on cleaning.  I think if I make myself some lists, and choose one task a day, I'll be fine!  I already dusted today, so I feel accomplished!

Trenton started soccer last week.  He hasn't played on a team for many years, and he is definitely out of practice, but he is being active and enjoying time with friends.  Whatever makes him happy!  His first game is Thursday...can't wait!

Garrett is a-movin'!  Garrett loves to speed down the hall, giggling if he thinks I am 'chasing' after him.  What a booger!  He also has discovered what fun it is to pull EVERYTHING off shelves.  I'm not fond of that game, but I allow it to some extent, because I think it helps him practice his standing.
Garrett is so strange about eating.  We started solids at 4 months.  He was ready, he loved them.  Somewhere along the line, at about 7 or 8 months, he started refusing purees.  Table foods started.  Now, he won't hardly eat anything.  Sure, he acts like he wants stuff, then his tongue pushes the food out of his mouth, like he doesn't want it.  I sort of think it's his teeth---he has several trying to cut through, so he gnaws on the mesh feeder when I put ice cubes inside.  He sometimes will eat avocado, puffs or cheerios, likes berries in the mesh feeder, and our new discovery, rice...he loves rice!  Most of the time, though, Garrett wants a few bits of his food, then he wants to nurse.  At 11 months and counting, I expected him to start weaning a little, but Garret has no interest in giving that up right now!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I won again!

I blogged a little something about an giveaway being hosted by Theresa over at My Favorite Deals...well, I won!
I have credit at, and have my eye on designing a couple of tote bags...I will take a pic of them when they are delivered!

Speaking of, they have a promotion right now:
150 free prints a month for the next 8 months!!!  Just go over to Artscow and register or log in, click on 'credit & discount', enter the code 'SPR10PRINTS', validate, and your credit should appear!  You do have to pay shipping on your free prints, but what a deal!