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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Root Beer Float Wanna-Be...

I love alternatives and substitutes!  I don't keep ice cream in the house, and if we have Root Beer, my husband and son make sure it's gone quick!  I don't even really care for ice cream, but the occasional craving will sneak up on me. 
So, root beer floats...ahhh, childhood memories!  I remember many years ago, some ladies that worked for me turned me onto a great alternative, if you are craving that creamy float taste.  Today, the craving hit, and I was reminded of this:  it's simple...a glass of ice, some cold Dr.Pepper(or diet, in my case!) and some liquid coffee creamer...sounds weird, right?  Try it...tastes like the non-ice cream part of a root beer float...saves calories, satisfies a craving!  There you have it:  root beer float wanna-be!
Surely you could do this with any soda, even root beer, but Dr.Pepper with coffee creamer always tastes better to me.  I made mine today with French Vanilla CoffeeMate, but I remember when I worked, we just had regular ole coffee creamer...tastes great either way!

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