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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So, we are a co-sleeping family.  Not by my husband's choice, but he tolerates it.  I had every intention to put Garrett directly in his crib as a newborn, but he choked and gagged alot in the hospital, so I just couldn't make myself be apart from him.  We've tried, a few times in the past several months, to get him back into the crib, but Garrett holds his breath, and it absolutely terrifies me.  Only once was I able to get him to 'cry it out' to some took 90 minutes, and he only slept for 30 minutes in the crib.  Ok, that's alot of talking..back to the breath-holding:
I read that alot of babies hold their breath, sometimes involuntarily as a result of low iron levels.  Garrett has had a hemoglobin check and was 'normal' so we aren't sure why he does it...maybe habit.  Anyway, any time he wants momma and momma has to use the restroom or make a phonecall, or start laundry, etc...he holds his breath, especially if daddy tries to hold him.  Let's not even mention trying to leave him in the crib so I can  take care of chores!
So last night we were heading to bed, and I wanted to use the restroom and brush my teeth first, so Vince grabbed Garrett and proceeded to put the living room in order from Garrett's new pulling-stuff-off-the-shelf game.  Before I even walked down the hall I could see Garrett was holding his breath.  I tell Vince, he looks then blows air in Garrett's face.  This usually works, but not this time.  I go and grab Garrett, thinking he'll take his breath.  Nope, I have to breath in his face, too.  Three more times.  I am almost frantic by now as his lips were purple.  He finally took a breath and cried out, and then almost immediately his eyes rolled back and he PASSED OUT!  It wasn't a long fainting spell...before I could finish saying 'He passed out!', he had his eyes open again.  After he came to, he seemed a little weird, and I did NOT like it!
My husband, like his mother and my mother, are of the thinking that it's harmless and that if a child does pass out from holding their breath, that their body will take over and allow normal breathing again.  I know that's true, but it is of very little comfort to me.  I don't think it's a good idea to allow that to happen often, and if we don't get to Garrett fairly quickly when he holds his breath, he will pass out again.  I hope he grows out of it soon, because I do want him to move to the crib, and to his own room, but I am not willing to let him just stand there until he faints because it's 'harmless.'

Besides the fact that Garrett woke me up at 430am today, he seems fine...clingy, but fine.

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Mommy Hates Cooking said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I would have be frantic too!!! I have read about how common that is too.