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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finds with those latest Target coupons

Anyone eagerly awaiting what deals are out there with these new Target coupons?  I stocked up bigtime on some produce and bread today!
I didn't find any great deals for the seafood coupon.
The market pantry bread 0.50/1 or Archer Farms $1/2 simply balanced would be ok for bread, but I'll wait to see if they go on sale before the coupons expire. Right now the MP bread is 1.24-1.49, so 0.74-0.99 after Q.  Right now the AF bread is 2.24, so 1.74 after Q...I can wait!  Especially since the $1 Market Pantry/Archer Farms bakery item coupon is so fantastic!  There are several things you can get for free...rice krispie treats, donuts, half-loaves of french bread, sourdough...and there's larger loaves of bread for 1.27-1.49 before coupon, so time to stock your freezer!  We will use the loaves of artisan breads for lunch sandwiches, the french loaves for french bread pizza.
I found at the Target in Bixby, 1# bags of carrots for 0.50, so free after coupon.  Strawberries are 1.79, so 0.79 after coupon.  You can weight out your apples, peaches, etc, to get to around $1, then use the $1 Q to get those almost free.  1 head of butter lettuce is 0.99, so free after Q.  So many possibilities.
My warning about the bakery and produce coupons:  they are auto-deducting down to the price of the item.  Not a big deal if it's 0.99, but I'll give an example or two:
carrots 0.50, I bought 2 bags, but the coupon auto'd to 0.50, so I had to use 2 coupons
donuts 0.69 each, I bought 2, but the coupon auto'd to 0.69, so I had to use 2 coupons
oranges 0.79 each, I bought 2, coupon auto'd to 0.79
bananas, I didn't buy, but friends are saying they bought over $1 worth, but the coupon auto'd to 0.51, the price of my advice is to have enough coupons on hand to cover the number of items or pounds of items, or stick to the price of 1#, like only buy 1# of bananas at a time, or only buy 1 donut, or if you want 2 donuts have 2 coupons...hope that makes sense!
Also, the women's C9 Champion socks are $5, so free after the $5 target coupon. 
Hope you are able to get out and score some of these great deals, too!

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Mommy Hates Cooking said...

Heading there friday and I can't wait...I jumped for joy when I saw all those coupons this week!