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Thursday, August 5, 2010

CVS Bonus Days 8/22-9/18/10

CVS offers Bonus Days occasionally, where multipacks are on special and yield ecbs.  There could be some differences in brands regionally, and I've found in my area, the stores here do NOT mark Bonus Days stuff, so maybe you can use this to your advantage!  Scan the items you are interested in during the Bonus Days promotion, and see if it shows an ecb special on the scanner.  Typically, the stores do not get more of the products in during the promotion, so if you really want something, but it early.  But, if you can wait, they may clearance the leftover out near the end of the promotion.
Here is a list of the known items so far:
Household Items:

$2 ECB wyb Pledge 2-pack $7.99 - limit 3
$1 ECB wyb Glade Spray $4.99 - limit 3
$?? ECB wyb Windex 2-pack $6.99
$1 ECB wyb Purelax $8.99
$3 ECB wyb Pedialyte 2-pack $7.99
$1 ECB wyb Mrs. Fields Cookie 2-pack $5.99
$3 ECB wyb Nature Valley Granola bar 2-pack $6.99
$2 ECB wyb Ritz Crackers 2-pack $5.99
$3 ECB wyb Cheez It 2-pack $5.99
$3 ECB wyb Special K 2-pack (original and strawberry varieties) $7.99
$1 ECB wyb Popcorn (brand?) double pack $4
$4 ECB wyb Cheerios (original and honey nut packs) 2-pack $7.99
CVS Brand Items:
$2 ECB wyb Xtreme toothbrush 2 pack $3.99
$2 ECB wyb dish liquid $6.99
$2 ECB wyb Earth Essentials Spray (2 varieties) $6.99
$3 ECB wyb Tampon/liner pack $8.99
$? ECB wyb Pad pack $??
$2 ECB wyb Aluminum Foil 2-pack $7.99 - limit 3
$1 ECB wyb Ibuprophen (2 different sizes/packs on shelf) $4.99
$1 ECB wyb Blade shower gel 2-pack $7.99
$3 ECB wyb disposable razors (2 different types) $9.99
$1 ECB wyb Refresh shower gel sets (mens and womens) $3.99
$1 ECB wyb Makeup removing wipes $5.99
$1 ECB wyb Cotton Facial Pads $4.99
$1 ECB wyb EOB Sanitizer Set (2 large bottles w/1 bonus small bottle) $7.99
$2 ECB wyb Aloe Hand Sanitizer $13.98
$1 ECB wyb Hand Soap pack $5.99

eta: here's some new additions:
Personal Items:
$3 ECB wyb U by Kotex pad/liner bonus pack $8.99
$3 ECB wyb Fiber One chewy bars 2-pack $6.99
$?? ECB wyb Fantastik 2-pack $??
CVS Brand:
$1 ECB wyb nail polish remover 2-pack $2.99
$2 ECB wyb stretch-tite clear plastic wrap 2-pack $7.98
$3 ECB wyb ultra thin pad 3-pack $8.99
$2 ECB wyb facial tissue 3-pack $4.99

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