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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lovin Target some more this week!

Great deal on Juicy Juice...the large 8-ct boxes are $2, use $1/2 or $2/4 coupons from, plus the $1 tq, makes each 8-ct pack fifty cents!  I don't ever buy boxed juice, but Garrett really likes being a 'big boy' and using a straw.  These larger boxes are really too big for him, but we'll let him have half a box a day.  Amazingly, the smaller boxes are 2.29...go figure!
I received some great coupons from friends recently in swaps, so I took my giant stack of coupons and cleaned up!  I bought:
6 pr mens Merona socks 0.62 each on clearance, used 6 $3/1 Merona footwear Qs for some awesome overage
3 pks Bic Easy Glide pens 0.99 each, used 3 $1 mqs from, and 3 $1tqs for some more overage
6 8ct pks Juicy Juice $2 each, used 1 $1/2 & 1 $2/4 mq, and 6 $1tqs
12 Hunts pudding snack packs 0.84-0.95 each, used 3 $1/3 tqs
10 Chef Boyardee, used 1 0.35/3 mq from the 8/15 SS & 10 $1tqs
1# ground beef 2.99, used $2off beef wyb 10 Conagra foods(from a friend)
20 oz Gold & Plump Chicken breasts 3.99, used $2 off chicken wyb 10 Conagra foods
whoppers 1.00(Trenton is going to a movie later with a friend)
1/2# fresh green beans 2.49/lb, used $1tq
1/2# cherries 2.49/lb, used $1tq
1# roma tomatoes 0.99/lb, used $1tq
2 bottles of lime juice 1.19, used $1tq
1 bottle of lemon juice 1.19, used $1tq
12 oz blueberries 2.99, used $1tq
2 12oz blackberries 2.49 each, used 2 $1tqs
3 loaves asiago bread 0.99 each, used 3 $1tqs
I used my own shopping bags, so I got credit for 0.25 more.
With all the coupons and overage, my total was 0.88, yes, 0.88 including the tax!  Shock!  Wow!  My advice is to print a few of those Merona footwear coupons if you haven't already, and go look for those clearanced socks!  I am so happy I was able to find those, and no issues at the register since they don't even beep!!  Those prices on the berries and cherries are cheaper than I saw last week...I might have to go back and grab a couple more containers...Garrett likes blueberries in his smoothies, and he like blackberries in his yogurt, and I will probably eat all those cherries before the middle of the week!

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