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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spending money...

I hear some Target locations have their bike trailers for, not here...ours were 30% last week, and today they hit 50%.  I bought one anyway.  I wanted one, and for $50, I think it's worth it!  Now, if they still have the bike trailers and they hit 75%, I won't hesitate to buy another one, then return it with the 50%, shhhh...keep this hot clearance item to yourself!  Hardly anyone is reading my blog, so noone is going to hear this from me, lol!
After Target, I ran into FoodPyramid and Reasors to check out their produce...I bought an Oklahoma cantaloupe, 2 loaves of French bread, some bananas, and some almonds that were clearanced to $1(great for adding to my homemade granola!)..spend $9.27 between the two stores.
I was heading home when I decided I'd go to Homeland first...bought Eagle Mills ultragrain flour, 2# ground beef, 1# Hormel Italian Sausage, and a bag of Dole Romaine salad mix...all for $3.76...that's why I love double coupons!!!  That bag of flour alone before coupons was 3.59, so I got some great deals at Homeland today!

We got home, and the little guy was worn out, but I got him to split a tortilla with peanut butter and bananas with me before he crashed out!  I think tomorrow we'll take the bike trailer out for a spin before it gets too hot!

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