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Monday, August 16, 2010

Where are all the deals?

I'm disappointed, CVS...I have only shopped with you once or twice in the past month, and sadly, the next few weeks look as equally disappointing.  I'm sure other people can find one or two deals to pick up, but I'm not seeing it...where are the deals?

Oh, well...I can use the break to dive into school, plus Target has kept me busy the past few weeks, and I think I'll make a trip or two to Harps for their double coupon event which starts Wednesday!!  I really don't need alot, but I plan to grab some pasta and flour, and maybe a few other random things.

Here's my plea to CVS(I'm sure you other mamas can relate):  please, please, put out some good deals on Huggies and Pampers soon!  OK, not just a good deal, a GREAT deal...mama has a new baby on the way!

enough silliness, I think I'm tired, which happens early and easily lately...see you all later!

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