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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Do you know when to stop?

Coupon-users:  do you know when enough is enough?  When I first started using coupons about 18 months ago, I had alot to learn.  I soon learned where to find the best deals on different products, and how to spend the least amount of money.  When I started shopping at Walgreens, it was a whole new game!  I love games, challenges...and that's what Walgreens was for me.  I wanted the most Register Rewards for the least amount of money.  I planned out transactions week after week to net me lots of junk just so I could get that Register Reward!  I often 'bought' items I didn't need, or more than I needed, just because I had the coupon, and it was a money-maker. 
I haven't shopped at Walgreens for about 6 months!  I made the decision because I realized how much unnecessary stuff I was purchasing, and how quickly the tax adds up on those items!  I'm not completely writing Walgreens fact, I was considering starting back sometime soon.  But I want to make certain my way of thinking has changed.  I think shopping at CVS has helped.  Since they have limits, it is hard to overdo it, and why would you need to overdo it?  When you have been using coupons for over a year, you should have a great stockpile, so you don't need 10 bottles of shampoo just because it's free.  I think that's my thinking now...I don't even have the desire to purchase the items I already have in my stockpile...that's a good thing!
What got me thinking of all this is reading message boards for CVS and Walgeens recently.  I see posts from long-time couponers saying how they are so excited for an upcoming deal, or that they bought 30 of a particular item...I just wonder why they haven't stopped or slowed down?!  It's not exciting for me anymore...sure, I enjoy shopping and getting a good deal, but the whole drugstore game is not the same for me. 
So, I many of the long-time couponers really still shop like they used to?  Or, have they cut back on the deals?

Thoughts?  Has your shopping habit changed with time and stockpile?

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