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Thursday, August 5, 2010

OH, lovely Air Conditioner!

We are back to cool!  Tuesday evening, our central A/C unit decided to not cool anymore...still blowing air, but it was definitely not cooling.  Fortunately, Trenton's bedroom is not connected to the rest of the house's breakers, heat, and air, so anytime we have an outage, we usually head out there...I was glad to sleep out there Tuesday night, because our house was steamy!
The repairman made it out about 1pm Wednesday.  It was only a capacitor that needed replacement, so under $200 for part and labor...good deal!  It took all day and evening to recover, but we are feeling really good this morning!
I feel like a wimp at times like know, when my Grandma was a kid, they didn't have air conditioning...people now are so spoiled!

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