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Friday, August 6, 2010

Target Freebies!

Oh, how I love Target!  Today I bought 6 Digiorno deep dish pizzas(the single serve size) that are $2 right now, used 6 $2 mqs from the Digiorno facebook page to get those all free.  I also bought 3 Chef Boyardee mac & cheese cups 0.87 each, used 3 $1TQs, which adjusted down to make those free.  Lastly, I bought 7 Post-it SuperSticky pads that are $1 each, and used 7 $1 mqs from the Post-it/3m website to get those free!
I paid 0+tax(tax is a killer at $1.62!!!!)  Love free stuff!

I am not sure how long the Digiorno is $2, so you might want to print your Qs from 'liking' Digiorno on facebook soon and head to Target.

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