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Thursday, August 5, 2010 coupons found here!

I am happy to be able to provide printable coupons on my site in conjunction with  All you have to do is click the banner at the top of my blog, or click on the links provided in various posts. 

What coupons is offering right now?  I always try to check several zip codes to see what is available, including 10002, 85301, and 90210.  See what your zip code offers!
Here's what I see today:
0.75/2 Ball Park Franks
0.55/1 Hefty trash bags
$1/3 Kelloggs cereal
$1/2 Brawny towels
$1/1 Rhodes rolls

eta:  I'm having some problems getting the banners for the coupon sites...they are causing my site to load very slowly...I'll update when I figure it out!

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