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Monday, August 9, 2010

For the love of Target...

Seriously, Target!  I think I'm going to get a break from shopping, then Target puts out some incredible new coupons online...I cannot resist.  Some of their new coupons include $1 off produce, 0.50 off bread, 0.50 off deli item, $1 off frozen seafood, and $1 off bakery item....that looks like potential for alot of free or almost free stuff.  I have to consult with some HVAC people tomorrow(our A/C is totally gone, so we are forced to replace our entire system), but after that, baby willing, I will be at Target to see what I can stock my freezer with...I'm thinking:
produce by the pound, get $1+ worth
loaf of bread is around $1.25, so 0.75 after Q
1/4 lb. deli cheese?
going to check to see if Target sells individually packaged frozen fish to use the seafood Q on
lots of bakery items to qualify...last time I scored lots of cookies, but also a few loaves of garlic bread, so I'm hopeful for more of the same!

The print limit seems to be 1 on these coupons, so ask your friends and family if they can print for you so you can save more!  I have several computers, plus plenty of friends on standby for printing coupons, so I am certain I can stock up on several items this week!!!

See you at Target...

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