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Friday, August 6, 2010

Staples 8/8 preview

Wow!  Lots of free or almost free supplies....I just used my $49 in Staples Rewards to buy ink...yesterday!
Let's see if I can come up with a scenario using my Office Depot $10 Q(Staples accepts competitors Qs) to make some money, or at least get free stuff!
2 reams paper 4.99 each, get 3.99 each in rebate
1 Scotch pop-up desk grip tape dispenser 3.00, use 0.75 mq from scotch site, get 3.00 in rebate
Staples sticky notes 5.29, get 5.29 in rebate
Pentel highligher Handly lines 4.99, get 4.99 in rebate
hmmm...if you get all that, it's $1.25 after Qs and rebates...let's try again:
they also have a 2GB flash drive for 9.99, with 8.99 in rewards back, not rebate.

ok, what if:
case of paper 43.98, get 21.99 in rebate back
scotch pop up tape dispenser 3.00, use 0.75 mq, get 3.00 in rebate
Staples sticky notes 5.29, get 5.29 in rebate
use 10/50 office depot Q
nope, that's $10 oop after rebates...
guess I'll skip Staples this week, but there are some good deals for people that do need school supplies still!
There is also a $5/$50 purchase Q in the Staples ad next week, if you don't have any Office Depot coupons to use.


Teri said...

I have a couple of questions.

1) Where are you finding the $10 Office Depot coupon?
2) Have you used a MQ at Staples? I was told by a Manager that they don't take them. Maybe one location does and another doesn't.

beth said...

Hi, Teri!
When I signed up for and Office Depot rewards account online, they emailed me some Qs, and there were several more in my envelope when I received my actual card.

At the location on 71st street I was able to use mqs on tape recently, along with their in-ad coupon. The cashier said she wasn't certain if they accepted them with the in-ad coupons, but she scanned it and the register accepted it, so she said 'apparently it's fine'...I've been avoiding the Harvard store...some real jerks in management there.