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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Making sushi at home, Grocery Challenge Day 11

After a trip to the zoo this morning, we came home starving...glad I did a little prep for lunch last night.  This was my first time making sushi rolls, and they were very good for a beginner.  Trenton liked them, also, but he says he'll never eat sushi again because he choked on a piece.  Literally, really, honest-to-God, scared his mama, was very scary, his face was red, I tried patting his back, then had to actually perform the Heimlich...I'm not sure if it helped or not, but finally he was able to get the seaweed out, and then the tears started...poor kid, it really terrified him!  I tell him at almost every meal to chew his food better before swallowing, but seaweed is a whole different ballgame!
Back to the pleasant part:
Last night I cooked the rice, then set in the fridge to cool.  This morning before we went to the zoo, I sliced the cucumber into strips, and prepared the rice:  to 3 cups of rice I added 2 t.salt, 2T sugar, and 1/4 cup rice vinegar.
To assemble, I placed the seaweed shiny side down on a large lid(I don't have a rolling mat), I spread out some rice, then stacked crab, avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese...then you roll it all up tightly, then slice with a very sharp knife. 
I had mine with soy sauce and wasabi, and it satisfied my craving.  It was fine for just crab, but for special rolls(I like the tempura lobster and crab and shrimp rolls) we will go to the experts.  I can bet I'll be making these again when I have a craving, even if it's just for me!

cereal for most of us, baby and I split a slice of bread with PB
homemade sushi
chicken fried rice and EggFuYoung

Here's my blog post on Fried Rice...I have some chicken I stuck in the freezer from when I cooked a whole chicken in the slow cooker last week...we'll add that to the rice for protein.
I LOVE Egg Fu Young, but when you order it in restaurants, it is typically greasy, so I steer clear!  I make mine with cabbage(napa is best, but I had some leftover green cabbage which worked fine!), diced green onion, salt, pepper, and mung bean sprouts(I sprouted these myself in a jar for 3 days...I put cloth over the jar mouth, affixed with rubber band, and rinsed with fresh water several times a day until they sprouted).  You should add some carrots, peas, etc, but I will have lots of veggies in the rice, so I will just stick to cabbage, sprouts, onion, and eggs.  You need enough eggs to hold the cabbage in, but don't want the cabbage swimming...I used 8 eggs for 1/2 head of cabbage(I used the cabbage's outer leaves for cabbage rolls last week).  In a hot and oiled skillet, spoon the cabbage/egg mixture into the middles, about the size of  small pancake.  The trick to successful cabbage pancakes is to only flip once, so my trick to perfect Egg Fu Young is to put my pancake in to cook, then walk away and get distracted with the baby, the time I get back, time to flip!  Make sure your heat isn't too high, so it doesn't burn!  Here's a close-up(I made them last night so I would have half of the dinner done already today), but when we get all plated up tonight, I'll try to snap another(better) pic!

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