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Monday, June 21, 2010

AllYou Grocery Challenge, Day 2

Thanks for lunch, Trenton!
Garrett is fast asleep in my lap now, and we arrived home from an appointment thirsty and hungry.  How's mama supposed to eat?  Trenton offered his help...He made is 'famous' cucumber-cream cheese sanwiches.  (Yes, I did take a bite before I snapped the pic..I was HUNGRY!)  These are fresh cucumbers from Vince's grandparents' garden..yummy!

varied:  Garrett & I had yogurt & apples; Vince & Trenton had Raisin Bran
cucumber cream cheese sandwiches
pasta salad(leftover from party Sunday)
green salad
I packed Vince a lunch as usual
I'm thinking oven baked breaded pork cube steak, mashed sweet potatoes, salad, and rolls.
I thought wrong! 
 Baby is sleepy/fussy, so I'm going simple with a couple frozen pizzas and some green salads

We ran a few errands, picked up a few items at Homeland, pd 0.40 for Blue Bunny ice cream bars, Fruit Chillers, and a can of first grocery spending of the challenge!  We also went to Target, did really well with the Old Spice gift card promo, used some overage on a can of chicken chunks and some juice boxes for the baby for our upcoming road trip, then pd the 0.88+tax with a gift card, so the juice & chicken cost 0.00, for the purpose of this challenge!

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