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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Target and CVS 6/29

Quick runs this morning...
25 digital prints
2 8x10 prints
2 Powerbars
Xtra detergent
3 12 pks DrPepper
used 5/30, free digi prints, 2 free 8x10, & $1/xtra
also used 8ecb, pd 1.64 on a gc, got back 3ecb for DrP & 1.98 ecb for Powerbars
Applied 2 missed Qs to my last trip for Kerr lids(thanks, Anna, for the Q!), so I got back $1.65 cash.
Then I bought 2 Pedigree dog food, 7 SB power sprayers, 2 Dole pineapple juice, 15 Fleischman yeast, 3 Qtips.  I used Qs and gift cards to pay $0.00, got a $5 gc for the Pedigree. I need to go to another Target later to do a similar transaction...trying to use up all my SB Qs before the end of the SCJohnson rebate...I have already done the rebate myself, but I figured some of my cousins would like the extra money.  I gave my ex-MIL a rebate receipt this morning...we traded for a credit toward several dozen eggs when I need some next...I thought that was a good trade all around!

My spending for the month is still in the negative because of rebates I've done, I think like 50 cents negative, and my savings are around $2000 for the!

1 comment:

beth said...

made a 2nd run to 2 more dog food, 8 Vanish toilet discs, 2 SB sprayers..after Qs, pd $13 with gift cards. I have about 35 left on gift cards!!