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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Day 3

So far, so good!  I canned the remainder of my apples, 10 more quarts.  There were several quarts left, but I am out of jars, so I froze a few bags full!

This morning, I made apple muffins, with some chunky applesauce I made Saturday.  They were pretty excellent!  Basically, I took a basic muffin recipe, then used applesauce instead of, fat free and delicious!
Another thing I discovered today:  yogurt as a meat tenderizer!  I make my own yogurt, and had some extra on hand.  I set some pork cube steak in a dish last night in yogurt.  The baby got fussy, so instead of cooking the pork for dinner, I made pizza.  Decided to use the pork today...I took it from the yogurt and immediately felt how moist it was.  I dredged the pork in a flour/herb mixture, then in egg, then in the flour mix again, and browned in a light olive oil, before placing in a baking dish to let it cook through.  My, oh, was THE most tender, moist, delicious pork cube steak I have ever had!  I will definitely be using yogurt for tenderizing meats in the future! 

apple muffins, eggs
breaded pork cube steak, green beans, mashed sweet potatoes, rolls
cucumber-cream cheese sandwiches, Sunchips, salads

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