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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Homeland trip 6/26/10

The boys and I got bored today so we ran out to Homeland, a local grocery that offers double coupons.  I did 2 transactions, but the cashiers were really nice today so I asked if anyone would mind if I did 2 more, so I did!  How nice is that?!  I was smart and brought a cooler and ice glad I was able to use all my rainchecks in one visit!
Each transaction was the same, except I added a Reeses candy to two of them(for Trenton and I, a treat), so I will list the totals only:

4 Blue Bunny fudge bar 6pks 1.69 each(raincheck), used 4 $1 IPs for overage
4 BestLife butter spread 1.19 each(raincheck), used 4 $1 mqs for overage
4 Tornados frozen snacks 2.19 each, used 4 $1 mqs
4 Hunts ketchup $1 each, used 4 $0.20 mqs
8 Tonys pizzas $1 each, used 4 $1/2mqs
8 Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce 1.00 each, used 4 $1/2 mqs
4 Oat Revolution oatmeal pks 1.00 each, used 4 $0.55 mqs
4 Hiland sour cream 1.00 each, used 4 $0.45mqs
4 Borden Singles Sensations 1.99 each, used 4 $1 mqs
4 v8 singles 1.00 each, used 4 $0.50 mqs(tearpad Qs someone gifted me)
2 Reeses cup 0.77 each

total oop 1.38+tax=$4.28, savings of $87.36

I intended to use the last 4 of my Hormel Qs which expire tomorrow, but HL got smart and didn't have any of the smaller packages for sale, so I passed on buying meat...I don't need it unless it's almost free!

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