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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Day 8

We went out of town to visit my Grandma...she has suffered several strokes, and not doing too well with cognition and taking care of herself.  My 2 uncles, and now a cousin, are there everyday, all day, all night, to care for Grandma.  It's hard to be there to visit, especially since I can't do much to help, as I have a toddler getting into trouble constantly.  It was nice to go visit today for a few hours, plus my uncles made lunch!

cereal, the usual
grilled hamburgers, sausage, tator tots, beans
leftover chicken noodle soup
I was very snacky today...among other things: ice cream bar, yum!  I am not sure what my problem is, but I am so hungry all the time...sometimes I figure it out that maybe I just need more water or more protein, and I take care of the need...but lately, just starving all day!  You'd think with the hot weather I would eat less..nope!  Of course, I am still nursing, and maybe that is part of my hunger issue...

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