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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Day 7...end of Week 1!

We made it...week 1 was pretty good here! 
cereal, fruit, toast
hummus, pita, tabouli
chicken noodle soup

I set a whole chicken in the crockpot this morning.  When it was cooked fully, I pulled it out so I could pull all the meat off the bones.  I froze half the meat for later use.  The rest, I put back in the crockpot with green beans, carrots, and corn.  Added a little salt, pepper, chives.  When I was ready to serve dinner, I cooked some Ronzoni Healthy Harvest egg noodles.  Pasta does not do well in the slow-cooker, in my experience, so I served it by the bowl:  a bowl full of noodles topped with the tastiest chicken and veggies was very good!

Summary of spending for Week 1:
Spent: $5.29 oop, saved $93.21 with coupons, sales, a rebate, & gift cards.  I did alot of 'cooking from the stockpile'.

You can track my Grocery Spending for the Challenge here.

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