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Friday, June 18, 2010

June Spending, and Grocery Challenge.

June has been great to me!  I have spent -$18.17, and saved $1287.35.  How? rebates, rebates, rebates. and cashback sites.  Good thing since we are planning a mini-vaca next month, and my hubby and I are both taking classes in the Fall. 

We are participating in the AllYou Magazine's Grocery Challenge.  It starts Sunday, June 20.  Basically, we can spend $25/person/week on food, but my aim is to spend far less than that.  What worked for me last year during the Challenge was to blog daily/weekly our meals and spending.  I'll try to do the same this go-round, and am now saying 'farewell' to go work on an Excel Worksheet to help me track our spending during the challenge.

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