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Friday, June 25, 2010

Target madness!

...madness, in a good way!  I began today with around $60 in Target gift cards from previous gc deals...
Target #1:
5#GreenGiant potatoes, used free product Q
4 Wishbone salad spritzers, used 4 0.50mqs & 4 0.75 TQs
wasabi(needed it for sushi)
jicama(needed it for a salad)
dried chives 1.38 clearance
grapes 2#
6 A&H toothpaste, used 3 $2.50/2 mqs
4 Nivea Q10 shave gel, used 2 $4/2 mqs & 4 $2TQs
6 Old Spice bw, used 6  MQs & 3 $1/2 TQpeelies
10 Sobe, used 5 bogo mqs & 10 0.50 TQs
3 reusable bag credits, 2.32 + tax, used a gc, received 3 new $5 gcs

got a rc for Olay bw, hoping Olay will put out another rebate that I can use!
7 Dawn detergent, used 7 0.25/1 mqs
4 Aveeno shampoo, used 3 $1.50mqs(had a 4th mq, lost it?)
4 WarmDelights, used 4 0.75mqs
used 5/30 from email and 22.00 in ecb, then 0.23 + tax on gc, received 10 ecb for aveeno, 1 for bagtag, and will submit for $10 Aveeno MIR

Target #2:
8 Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a clean(first time they've been in stock since I got coupons 2 weeks ago!  hope I like them...), used 8 $5mqs & 8 $3TQs
4 Scrubbing bubbles refills, used 4 free mqs
3 Kerr lids & bands, used b2g1 mq
3 Clean & Clear moisturizers, used 3 $2 mqs
4 Nivea Q10 shave gel, used 2 $4/2mqs & 4 $2TQs
6 Old Spice bw, used 6 mqs
10 Sobe, used 3 bogo mqs & 10 TQs
5 reusable bag credits, pd 0+tax on a gift card, received 3 new $5 gcs

Target #3:
Treated myself to a Starbucks iced latte, pd with gc!
Found the motherlode of baking clearance at this store...splurged a little!
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Daily Shower sprayer, used $5 mq & $3tq
4 Smuckers sugarfree grape jam 1.12 clearance
7 Smuckers dessert toppings clearance 0.94, used 4 bogo mqs & 2 $1/2 mqs for all the smuckers
2 single serve Rice Dream boxes, 3 pk(like juice boxes), 1.38 clearance
2 McCormick basil 0.98 clearance
Archer Farms oregano 1.98 clearance
Archer Farms sesame seeds 1.98 clearance
4 Krusteaz bread machine mix 1.04 clearance
4 Market Pantry pudding mix 0.37-0.41 clearance
6 Kerr lids 0.76-1.04 clearance
12 Old Spice bodywash, 12 mqs
pd 23.03+tax on gc, received 4 new $5 gcs

I ended my Target trips with $61.93 in gift cards, so everything I bought was free!  That was alot of shopping for one day...I haven't had a chance to go all week, and I was surprised they had such good stock since it's Friday...usually if I wait til the end of the week I miss some stuff...looks like they are ordering a little better(except the Scrubbing Bubbles and Vanish...only found the Scrubbing Bubbles at 2 stores, and NO Vanish toilet discs).  Another thing I'll mention:  I had some issues with coupon acceptance my last couple trips to Target #2, but I had zero, zilch, zip, nada issues at any stores today...either I chose wisely in my cashier selection, or corporate had some chats with the store.
My recepts show savings of more than $400!
There was a ton of other great baking clearance at Target #3, but not low enough yet to jump on it...I'll be going back in about 2 or 3 weeks to see if further discounts have applied!

1 comment:

Jessica Lynn said...

Oh my goodness! This is crazy amazing! Seriously, I have NOOOOOO idea how you do it. I know I tell you that all the time, but its amazing.

Talk to you soon.