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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Free Produce

I got a nice surprise when I picked my son up from my ex-MIL's house...she apparently has a friend who owns a Produce Company.  When they over-order or under-sell, he gives the extras to her.  Ssalad, lettuces, squash, eggplant, peppers.  They share and eat what they can, and give the rest to their animals...apparently their chickens enjoy lettuce!  Anyhow, today the friend sent her 30 cases of salad mix, much more than they could use up, so she sent us home with 15 pounds of salad mix, 2 large eggplant, and some bell peppers.  I had to go through the salad, as ot was starting to turn, but we still ended up with around 7 or 8 pounds.  Wow!  Tonight we had larger salads then originally planned, and we'll be eating salads at every meal for a few days!  No complaints about that...we have plenty of salad dressing, and we all enjoy a nice salad with our entree! 
This is a great addition to our Grocery Challenge stockpile...I am hoping we can make this a semi-regular happening!

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