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Monday, June 28, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Day 9

I have been busy doing a little gardening and random housecleaning all day, so I think I'll skip making a new meal tonight, and just get rid of the remainder of the leftovers from last week.
cereal, fruit
I packed hubby a lunch; Trenton and I had Tornados(I know, not very healthy, but convenient!), and Garrett had hummus, sour cream(he's odd, lol), and Cheerios.
finish up the leftovers: tabouli, hummus, pita, cabbage rolls
Vince will be having tabouli and cabbage rolls.  Garrett had pears and cheese.  Trenton made bread in our new bread machine, so he and I had turkey bacon, eggs(from his Granny's farm), and fried potatoes so we could sample a slice of his bread.  It was great, and now we have bacon leftover that I need for a recipe tomorrow!
I used Garrett's naptime to order gift certificates from for our upcoming Dallas mini-vacation.  I had $5 in my paypal account already, and I transferred another $7.30 from a survey site.  My total for 8 $25 gift certificates was $16.50, so I paid oop $4.20 for the deal!  I went through MyPoints to further enhance this deal, since they give you points per purchases.  I paid the $4.20 with my Discover for a little more cashback.  So, even thoough we won't use these until the end of July, they count toward our grocery bill this week...$4.20.

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