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Friday, June 4, 2010

Wow, CVS!

Some friends of ours have a new baby girl, and I offered to pick up some diapers for them this week at CVS.  I figured that I could get 3 of the big boxes of Pampers for about $39 after tax and ecbs used.  They wanted 1 box, so they sent $13 over to me.
Well, my deal didn't pan out because I couldn't get any of the Grand Opening coupons when I expected.  On to Plan B.  Plan B worked out much better...CVS had many clearanced diapers: Huggies, Pampers, and CVS brand.  Plus many other clearanced and sale items...I am in shock over all this:

6 Huggies mega packs(for Garrett)
4 OFF clip on refills
8 Pampers swaddlers(for babygirl)
2 CVS dipes(for Garrett)
1 CVS dipes(for baby girl)
4 bgs peppermints
2 bags pretzels
2 sports wet wipes
1 lip balm
4 baby Orajel
2 Huggies jeans dipes(for Garrett)
1 Airwick
1 Huggies wipes
1 Listerine pocket spray
3 Suave shampoo/conditioner
2 John Frieda hair styler
6 Dove deo
3 Powerbar
1 Charmin Ultra 9roll
4 12pks Coke
3 2liter Coke
1 Dove dark choc candy bar!
2 Old Spice deo
4 bottles vitamins
1 Conair ionic hairstyler(untagged clearance 12.49, from 49.99!)
1 Conair Ceramic flat iron

oop $10.12
ecb used $48.98
new ecb received $46.97
The new ecb replaces most of what I used, so I can say it was like spending $12.13 on everything listed...a profit considering our friend gave $13 toward diapers!  They were expecting 90 diapers, and they are getting about 300!

After CVS this morning, we ran into Target to see if they had restocked the Kraft cheese that they have been out of everytime I've checked the past 2 weeks.  They had indeed restocked, and the Qs expire tomorrow, so I did buy more than I normally would.  They also had a TPC on Taylor Farms organic romaine hearts...$1!
I bought 4 pkgs romaine hearts & 14 pkgs of cheese, used 3 free product Qs, 11 $1.50/1 Kraft Qs(from a House Party) and 7 $1.50/2 Kraft cheese Target Qs...paid 99 cents plus tax!

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