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Friday, June 18, 2010

CVS trip 6/18/10

Thank you, CVS for stocking me up on all the necessities!  Earlier in the week I purchased many other items, including 2 3pk Brita water filters.  I still haven't spent much money there this month, and my hubby had to fill some prescriptions, so I am rolling in gift cards.  My son saw 1 $25 gift card and said 'That should last you a month!'  ;-) maybe a little longer!

Here's what I got today:
trans 1:
Huggies boxed dipes 19.99, used $3mq & $3 crt
2 Godiva gems 4.99 each, used 2 bogo Qs from crt
caramel 0.33
used a cvs 5/30 and 9ecb, pd 2.40 on a gift card, received 10ecb
trans 2:
Brita filter 3pk 17.99, used $2mq from brita's website
coke 2ltr 1.25, used free coke cvs Q
cvs brand cotton swabs, used $3 cvs brand Q
used 10/20 grand opening Q and 5ecb, pd 0.42 on a gift card
trans 3:
2 OFF clip on refills 2.99 each, used 2 $1mq, 1.50crt, $3 cvs Q
11 Warm Delights 1.00 each on a raincheck from last month, used 11 0.75 mqs
4 Snapple 1.29 each, used 2 bogo mqs
used 5/30 cvs q, pd 2.56 on a gift card

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