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Monday, October 19, 2009

Why am I so surprised?

I am slowly but surely getting to a point where I think I can leave Garrett with one of his grandmas so I can get away for an hour or two. I have left him once with daddy for 10 minutes and once with daddy for 30 minutes. I know, I'm the crazy lady that takes the baby everywhere! Garrett is doing so well with solids. We started him at 4 months...he doesn't care too much for cereal, but looooves veggies, so that's mainly what he gets 2-3 times each day. Now, at almost 6 months, he is eating like a pro...tolerates some cereal or fruit occasionally, but still loving the veggies. Since he will soon hit the half-year mark, I have been thinking of him learning to use a cup. Yesterday, after his yummy green bean lunch, I gave him a cup to play with while I worked on dinner. Then, I got the notion to pump a little breastmilk and put it in the cup for him. Okay! He knows how to hold the cup handles, and where the spout goes, but couldn't get a drink until I helped him. He got a drink, alright---and forgot to swallow! All his big gulps went all over his shirt...cute! So, I thought to try a different style of go there, either. Finally, I poured the milk back into a bottle and handed it to him. Well, Garrett has no idea what to do with this idea! I finished up my prep for dinner, and got Garrett out of the highchair to properly give him the bottle. Nope! No, ma'am! Garrett has no clue what to do with the bottle! He chewed on it, but no drinking. I thought maybe he was full, but he did nurse just fine, so I have concluded that he will not take a bottle. I don't know why I am so surprised...the last time we offered a bottle was about mid-July, and he didn't care for it much then, but took it when he was hungry. Early on, Garrett took a bottle just fine..we even bought the nipples that were close to mommy's so he wouldn't become confused and stop nursing. Funny thing is, though, he likes a pacifier when he's sleepy(sometimes)...I guess he just doesn't want his milk to come from a synthetic nipple! Well, so much for the notion of going to grandma's for any extended periods without least for another half-year or so! It is nice to be needed, though, so I won't complain!

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